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Full Version: Character Critique
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Campaign Rules:
Build Points: 500
Maximum Availability: 18
Maximum Positive Qualities: 40 BP
Maximum Negative Qualities: 40 BP
Maximum Initiation: Grade 1 @ 13 BP

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Pretty conclusive build. Good work already.

- I would reduce the number of weapon/armor knowledge skills, aka Arms Development (Ares +2), Armor Development (Ares +2). The professional outlook replaces the street outlook. An interesting replacement for the street knowledge skill might be Ares Street Rumours

- The increased reflexes power is a bit odd on that list
& what should I replace said reduced knowledge skills with? They are all free, so the only option would be other knowledge skills.

Increased Reflexes is there because, while not his main focus, he is a combatant, & I dislike relying on drugs for additional passes & Reaction boosts; Wired is virtually identical to Increased Reflexes, & Synaptic/Move-By is to expensive.
Hard to say without knowing the campaign outlook.

Interest: Urban Brawl comes to mind, fits the professional interests, and gives you a conversation starter for some NPCs. You are also completely lacking knowledge of the shadows, which might (depending on the campaign) be very dangerous due to social pools of 1.
Knowledge of the shadows has not come up with our group to my knowledge, but is a good idea I will consider. Social pools are, in many situations, 7. Empathy software is overpowering, but allowed.
True. The last sentence of its description does not exist in my game.
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