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Full Version: antartica who?
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I have to say I'm not entirely up to date on all the plotlines that shadowrun has had in its almost 20 years but during the september chat someone made some very vague references to someone in Antartica. Could someone fill me in on what they are referring to?

Casazil Between Magic and Tech is there anything or anyone going on or hanging out in Anartica?
Peter Taylor If you're talking about who i think you're talking, I like the character but I have no plans to return him to the game at the

Thank you,
May I suggest trying the sixth world wiki
It often does a fair job in these matters of at least pointing you to the right books and giving some basic background.

In addition Antarctica gets mentioned in Cyberpirates (As I recall). Not in detail, but prices for good in the communities there are given (hint, it's fairly lucrative to ship goods down there if you can figure out how to do it cheaply).
I believe the only pertinent entry at the Wiki site is:
A few decades later with the passing of Halley's Comet in 2061, activity began to pick up again in Antarctica, as corporate research stations discovered natural orichalcum deposits in the ice and snow, as well as some bizarre magical phenomena. The first team to find a natural orichalcum team was a Japanese scientific team in the Transantarctic Mountains. This was shortly followed by a vein found in the Queen Maud Mountains. In June of 2062, a "city" was found by high-resolution radar in the Bently Subglacial Trench. This was shortly followed by the discovery of other geometric shapes all within 40 km of Mt. Kirkpatrick.

I'm not familiar with the original source material (maybe Wake of the Comet?) but it sounds a little Lovecraftian to me. wink.gif
The only other thing I know about Antarctica was that one of the corps (Yamatetsu, maybe?) has gotten a hold of research sites at an underground lake somewhere in Antarctica that's been cut off from the outside world for a very long time, and they were currently looking for a way to get samples from it to test for any really old strains of bacteria or something. Ares was also interested in it because of the similarity to conditions on Europa, and wanted to "acquire" the site so they could do their own testing.

But I don't believe there's been any news of more recent developments in Antarctica than that and what was mentioned earlier.
I believe that the person in question is none other than Leonardo, an Immortal Elf rumored to be kept captive by Lofwyr somewhere in that vicinity.
wasn't leonardo killed by lofwyr in that one novel?
Ancient History
There was the intimation in later material that he'd merely been captured and held captive in an S-K outpost in Antarctica.
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