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Full Version: Merry Christmas from AH
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Ancient History
So, I gave Caretaker a holler and got my site back so I can fiddle with it some more.

That said, I made a brand new page for y'all to enjoy. I'll be revising some of the others as I get the time to sit down and go through all my books.

Merry Christmas.
Ancient History
Whoops, forgot:
Woo! *Glomp* And the same to you.
Was there any mention of who developed these metamagics at any point, or have they just existed too long to remember origins?

Ancient History
Anything listed as being in the Grimoire was discovered before or in 2050

Anchoring (Gimoire II) was discovered in 2053, although Lugh Surehand was observed using it years earlier.

Cleansing, Focus Blocking and Reflecting were first mentioned in Awakenings, which was set in 2055.

Tattoo Magic, first noted in the Underworld Sourcebook, which was 2057.

Magic in the Shadows was 2060.

SOTA:2063 was, well, 2063
I'm not trying to be anal retentive, just wanted to fix your typos so that you wouldn't get blasted by somebody more mean-spirited than I.

QUOTE (Absorbtion)
Any magician who possesses Sorcery and can cast spells can learn thsi technique.

QUOTE (Reflecting)
A free spirit witht he Sorcery power may teach this technique.

QUOTE (Sacrificing)
This technique also allows the magician to summon blood spirits, which reuires the sacrifice of a living being.

QUOTE (Severing)
Any magician that can astrally perceive can learn this technique.'

QUOTE (Sympathetic Linking)
This technique allows a magician to astrally link toa target

All in all, a very handy page. I like it much.

Ancient History
Right. Fixed. Typos are the bane of my existence.
Understandable. Don't let it get you down, there's still hope for you yet! biggrin.gif
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