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Full Version: mitsuhama otomo and cyborgs
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the otomo says that the cyborg adaptation comes standard, and from the looks of it the ccu normally comes with the adaptation. Does that mean that i don't have to pay for the ccu if i buy an otomo?
Unless I am mistaken, you still need to buy the CCU, the drone is just able to accept the CCU.
My group don't get this either.

The 15k Cyborg Adaptation mod allows the vehicle to have a CCU installed in it. It is a vehicle modification.

The 250k CCU is a piece of crazy cyberware that costs 5.9 Essence and replaces everything except your brain. It is a piece of cyberware.

You still need both wink.gif
Because I'm curious, and want to look at Cyborg rules, what book are they in? I would imagine either Augmentation or Unwired, since I don't remember seeing anything about them in the BBB.
Augmentation for what happens to the brain, Arsenal for the "bodies" you can put them in.
Just to confirm the previous posts - cyborg adaptation is necessary for the drone or vehicle to ACCEPT a CCU. You still have to get one on your own.
i didn't think that it was right, but i just had to ask to make sure, thanks
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