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Full Version: Cryptosense Module and Riggers
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Do Riggers' commlinks need cryptosense modules to process data from 'extraordinary' smell/touch/Ultrasound/ect sensors, or are these processed via the rigger adaption already?
It seems like the cryptosense rules in Unwired (page 72) seem to imply that if a simsense feed contains data modulated for a sense the user does not possess (by nature or prior modification) their brain cannot interpret that data. That is unless a typical simsense feed usually has multiple "channels" which allows a given comm to select from different sensory modalities and cryptosense feeds allow only one modality. In which case I could see the cryptosense module acting as a translator that converts any feed into a selected modality.

For example:
-- Rich feed includes normal vision, thermovision and smell --> Commlink selects normal vision (default)
-- Cryptosense feed includes only sonar --> Commlink returns "data cannot be read" error.
-- Cryptosense feed includes only sonar --> Cryptosense module converts to normal vision --> Commlink displays normal vision.

So I guess I don't have a good answer. Good question though...
Any physical sensor should come with proper monitor software. The cryptosense module comes with monitors for all kinds of sensor feeds, no matter what device generated them (a random matrix node in case of cryptosense sculpting).
Heath Robinson
The cryptosense module reinterprets a feed. The feed doesn't actually mean that the data has been collected by a sensor that matches the intended function of the feed; it's just being presented to the user as if it were for ergonomic reasons. The SONAR channel encodes things in terms of pulses and responses, so you can program your Rigger adaptation to send you part of your data in terms of a SONAR channel if you want, but the defaults will be set for a homo sapiens sapiens.

To sum it up; your Rigger adaptation takes all the sensor information and turns it into whatever channels it has been programmed to. This may include cryptosense channels for certain kinds of metahumans, or a rigger with a cryptosense module, but by default it transforms it into visual and audio feeds.
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