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In Street Magic pg 42 on Hedge Witches it mentions magical trappings of the Hedge Witch are wands couldrons and potions. Is there any way to make magical potions in Shadowrun
Well, first, I should point out that the potions Hedge Witch use as part of the trappings are not "magical potions". A hedge witch could brew a potion using disgusting sounding ingrediants, and she would consider it vital to her spellmaking abilities, but in game terms these things are just fluff.

Having said that, the Anchoring Metamagic (p. 59, Street Magic) can be used to create magical potiions - the kind you drink and make you invisible, for example.
of DOOM!
If you use the Optional Rule: Mystical Healing, Augmentation page 123. Your hedge witch can use enchanting skill to make healing enhancements, said can be most distasteful to the imbiber.

Ol' Scratch
I miss Expendable Fetishes for this very reason.
Ancient History
There's always magical compounds and Awakened drugs, too.
QUOTE (Dr. Funkenstein @ Sep 28 2008, 04:35 PM) *
I miss Expendable Fetishes for this very reason.

Agreed. I couldn't believe they were gone, not because of game mechanics, but because expendable fetishes (and foci!) were so easily meshed with a tradition's trappings. I'm just about to lead a rebellion to bring them back into the game, I reckon.
Ol' Scratch
I'd back you up.
Ancient History
Did y'all want fetish foci back too? nyahnyah.gif

No, seriously I wouldn't mind expendable fetishes, I'm just not sure what their design purpose would be anymore. I mean, as is (non-expendable) fetishes are the simplest enchantment there is.
Ol' Scratch
I'd pretty much bring them back just like they were. Either a -1 BP bonus to learning a spell or a total of +3 dice on Drain Resistance Tests (basically an almost guaranteed -1 Drain Value) with said spell. Conditional would be that you have to choose between a Fetish or an Expendable Fetish; you couldn't have both on the same spell. Assuming I used the default system to begin with, that is. smile.gif

In my system (where you can have up to three geasa per spell and each geas giving +1 dice for the Drain Resistance Test), a Consumable Fetish would count as a +2 bonus or a -1 BP bonus to its cost. Same end result, really, but allows for true diversity in customizing a magician for a tradition.
MK Ultra
I´m all for expandable fetishes, too.

I.e. make them on-use, but they don´t have to be attuned, with all other stats (including) pricing being the same. Or make them cheaper, but they only give +1 to the Drain Pool. Both ways, they would serve as a substitute or backup, if an atuned fetish is lost. If you want them to be more usefull, so they are not just a substitute, make the bonus +3, but keep the high price or lower the price, but they still have to be atuned.

In my 3rd Edition Houserules, all foci where available as expandable one-shot foci, as well. They where cheaper (1 tenth the regular price, IIRC) and didn´t have to be bound to the user. Availability was the same and an Enchanter could create 10 expandable Foci with the same mechanics used to create 1 regular focus (but with a specialised focus formula). That was lots of flexibility and fluffability and only minor changes to the rules. I don´t think any player ever abused these house rules, but then foci have never been very popular with my players in general.
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