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Full Version: Adventure Idea - Candytron
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Hey guys, been a while since I've been on DS, so Hello and all that.

Anyway, i'm a bit of a Demoscene fan, and i've always been a fan of farbrausch's work. In particular, fr-030: Candytron, a 64k demo(and the first to ever have vocals in a 64k), just SCREAMS out to have a running team investigate.

Before you ask the obvious:
Demo's are basically really cool flashy programs that people, or groups of perople code (usually in pure ASM!), to show off their coding skills. One of the major competition areas is the realm of the 64k demo, where people need to pack as much content into a 64 kilobyte chunk of code as possible. farbrausch was a pioneer in this field, practially inventing procedural generation. The team behind farbrausch went on to help make Spore. But I'm rambling on a bit here.

FR030:Candytron can be found here, or a 5000 times larger version can be found here on youtube, for those with Really old videocards.

Basically, my idea is thus:

A member of the runner team (probably the Deck..err.. Hacker, or otak...Grr.. Technomancer) Finds the above file in their inbox one morning. The file is a call for help from someone who is trapped in the matrix for some reason.
A musical Technomancer Sprite being experimented on by a Megacorp? A rockerchick who got hit by crash 2.0, is now a Ghost in the machine, and is sending her cries for help in song?

Help me flesh this out please, guys, I see so much potential here, but I can't quite figure it out.
Interesting concept. Here's what I'm thinking;

The Hacker/Technomancer member of the team has been getting little 'cues' or getting feelings of being watched or at least observed when diving into full VR (they would describe it as "It's nothing I can lock down, just one of those, you-know-but-you-can't-define-it-feelings, right?"). During a crucial moment in a recent ongoing run, something pings her while she's otherwise occupied--musical cue notes, sound track bits that are horribly garbled, flashes of some kind of VR humanoid construct. It starts to wear her down. Her extended family (the runners) try to help, but it's like no one else (not even a fellow Technomancer) can help.
A break comes when the other Technomancer is co-diving in full immersion with the affected character & gets slammed by the 'intrusion'. HARD. Not lethally, but damn near.
The group has no choice now but to pool their resources & find out WTF, before the team-member goes through(another?) meltdown.

If the 'candytron' (a term the affected ctr. is using to describe the 'entity') is a emerging AI, at least one PC will chime in about expecting a corporate 'investigation team' at any moment. If the 'entity' is a cry-for-help from a GitM, the problem will be to stableize the being enough to get some straight answers, if it doesn't degrade into oblivion first.
Awesome Idea. thanks for the help.

Anyone else want to add to the melting pot?
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