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Full Version: Good hints for legwork
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Someone found this fantastic clip from Defcon about gathering information on people without going on matrix runs. Very good information for players, better for GMs. I'm now going to have to start putting more bumper stickers on my cars and more odd items in them:

I can't remember the movie, but I like the quote, "you can judge a man by his watch, his shoes and the car he drives."
Long but interesting.
Awesome video, thanks. smile.gif
Fun stuff.
A little warning that it takes an hour of your time would be welcome.

But otherwise, it was very interesting.
Wesley Street
Entertaining and educational! I will now play "spot the air marshal" whenever I fly.
I'm so going to use this on my next run.

Hardhat: Check
Ladder: Check
Pen: Check
Dental Floss: Check
Camera: Check
Fingers: Check

Don't forget the clipboard!
Also goes to show that the camera is one of the most useful tools in a runner's arsenal (especially trid cameras, which I assume can get details, like what we see in Blade Runner, that normal 2D pictures might miss.) And thusly it makes the eyeware cameras suddenly a good deal more worthwhile.
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