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Full Version: Magikal Crime
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Inspired by the 'How to create a Criminal Empire as a Mundane Thread'...

What are some of the more creative uses of magik for illicit gains?

Off the top of my head:

Spirits and elementals all the way-have one show up and trash a house or a shop, have an agent (watcher or metahuman) go in, mention 'insurance' and clean up, especially if your 'rates' are less than the cost of constant magikal security.

Watcher spirits and astral forms can follow a well-heeled mark and wait for him/her/it to do something they shouldn't (I figure most people do at some time or another). Any telepathic spells can also be used to probe for deep darks that can be exploited for a profit.

Stimulate spells with high force, tailored for ease (willing subject, touch, etc. could be used). Sure the dealer-mage'd have to be present to administer the dose (probably using a placebo that's biodegradable (maybe very rapidly) that he convinces the user does the deed, not his spells), but for a really 'exclusive' client base, you could make a killing.

I'd stay clear of Mind Control and all, better craft Sensory Illusions, tailored for ease and the client's preferences. No stable to maintain, highly mobile business, low overhead-if you've got the mojo. Show up at the client's love-shack, find out what he/she/it wants, cast the spell, collect payment, leave and sustain for a set amount of time. Permanent sustaining foci could be used to tailor make magikal 'companions' that look, feel, smell, and sound real-with a personality and look the client chooses.

Astral form or spirit-check out the big rigs on the road (and the security present), and pick and choose the best targets. On a desolate stretch of highway-Stun the driver (lots of creative spell use for the poor driver-Chaos, etc.) or summon an spirit/elemental to stop the vehicle and show up with a vehicle to carry off the loot to the nearest fence. I can't imagine ALL shipments have tight magikal security.

More, anyone?

Unlicensed prognostication.

QUOTE (Kagetenshi)
Unlicensed prognostication.


Spelling Magic with a "k" is a crime in the 2060's.
Ancient History
Alternative bunraku parlor?

Hell, a simple Alter Memory spell is enough to start a damn cult.
rlemansky, the suggestions you have involve the magician doing the criminal acts. I think it'd be cheaper in 2063 to hire a gang (protection racket), buy a BTL, or hire a prostitute than to hire a magician to do them. Sure, a magician could do these, but he should be able to make more doing something else.

The blackmail might be worthwhile. Kidnapping might be worth while, if you have enough magic protection to prevent Ritual Tracking.
'Pthgar' comments on spelling...?

And after seeing the Vegas white tiger acts, I'll keep the 'k'.

Still, I suppose it depends on where, what and when you've learned (or not).

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I think we have a wizard on our hands here!
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