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Full Version: the future of the sixth world
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northern lights
since it seems there's been a lot of discussion going on in the shadowrun kears thread which i just sent to 10 pages, i thought i'd ask what everybody thinks is going to transpire during the next few years of the 6th world. (before 2100)

what advances in tech, lifestyle, and magic along of course with all the significant events.

I for one am going to be initiating my ass off try to get into those double digits. So I can help find, and beat the asses of, those damned horrors.

Think about it you really think the horrors arn't going to be prepared for the kears this time? I really don't think they are that stupid. I mean even little halequin is getting a wee bit on the nervous side.

This time the "fallout" shelters won't work we are going to have to fight for our lives.

The meek will not inherit the earth this time boys. Its kill or be killed.

Now if you'll excuse me I got to go rack up some massive karma, the best to you and may the better man (me) win.
I'm going to cyber myself out the ASS with deltaware and become a fragging cyberzombie if necessary. That and become a kickass rigger and get a fragging lot more guns and ammo. And get myself a plane with heavy artillery, up to and including nukes.
I think you'd be safe in space. No magic there.
But back to the topic. What do I think is going to happen in the short future?
Probably not too much Earth shattering things. The Year of the Comet had some pretty big ones.
This is what I think will happen.
Ares being taken over by bugs.
The Deus/Megaera AI hybrid will split into the various groups of followers and starting warring in the matrix, causing blackouts and accidental system shut downs.
The Japan corps will loose much of there influence as they try and rebuild Japan.
There's going to be a revolution in CalFree.
You know, nothing big.
Echo that
Ares is definately heading for a bug coup
Deus will be reborn onto the matrix making it about as reliable as a map of amazonia. We can already see the waning power of the Japanacorps possible there will be mergers along the pro/anti emporer lines.
I think CalFree is going to remain in the happy state of confusion we see now.
What I'm waiting for is power armor and battle mechs to hit the shadows.
Bugs yes.. coup no I believe that Ares may have found a way to tame the spirits or at least hold something over them to make them do what they want.

Power armor was hinted at some where.... There was mention of the military trying to add servos and power assisted movement into there heavy armor.

Mechs however rely on fusion power plants and as advenced as SR is they still can't pull off that stunt.

Me I'm sticking with magic . Don't want to rely on tech too much... although a mage in power armor could be very fun biggrin.gif
War between CAS and Aztlan. CAS wins but only after they ally with UCAS and NAN. Aztlan is split between NAN, CAS, and UCAS. Ten years later there is another war, this time over new NAN encroachments on UCAS lands. UCAS is fought to standstill. Another 20-50 years of cold war.

And that's just North America.

Prognaosticated using 20th Century history as a rough guideline.

Starring Aztlan as Nazi Germany,
NAN as Soviet Union,
CAS as France,
UCAS as England.
Wow, that works really well. I'll buy it. With all that fighting in America, and the japanese on a decline I say Wuxing swoops in and becomes major threat to S-K's "biggest corp." status
Moonstone Spider
There's no real reason a 'mech can't use a good-old fashioned diesel or gasoline engine. It's fairly easy to make a nasty 'mech just with rigger 3, assuming you stretch the rules every so slightly.

Start with the huge walker chassis. Add a bucket seat and secondary controls since it's a Drone. The thing's got 36CF of storage, more than enough to hold a person and gear. Heck, it's 6 times the size of the Autogyro helicopter.

Now pile on the armor, mechanical arms with huge strength, and a turret or two. Then construct an assault cannon big enough for the mechanical arms to hold onto. There's your 'mech.

Of course the real problem with 'mechs is that, in a realistic universe, they suck. They have too many joints, too much complicated machinery that could be replaced with wheels. Shadowrun wisely uses Walkers primarily as spy vehicles with some big ones designed for extra-rough terrain where legs are a real advantage over wheels.
Does anyone see technomagic constructs ever occuring? I mean they did cybermancy, but will any other sorts of blurring of the line occur?
QUOTE (Moonstone Spider @ Dec 28 2003, 01:09 PM)
There's no real reason a 'mech can't use a good-old fashioned diesel or gasoline engine.  It's fairly easy to make a nasty 'mech just with rigger 3, assuming you stretch the rules every so slightly.

Second that. Not the place for the discussion, but I've done it in a military campaign. The chassis and engines had to be fudged but I think I did a balanced job of it. Its not like the players got to keep them. Gods but it was fun. But I say if you want to play battlemech, play battle mech. SR just isn't designed for it.

EDIT - duh. Completely forgot about the topic at hand. Next few years?

Big space expansion, lots more shadow activity with the corps competing for orbital airspace. Possibly a few clashes up there resulting in new laws, regulations and agreements for the big ten.

Wuxing grow in power. Definately. By extension so do the PPC, including Yamatetsu. Long term, i wouldn't be surprised to see the PPC merge to become one coglomerate entity and take majority of the corporate council through some interesting chicanery and shadow ops.

The Deus thing - I wouldn't like to speculate. Not only is it an inscrutable AI, its also in-fragging-sane. Who the hell knows what it'll try to do?

I think Saeder Krupp are going to become more active. Now Lofwyrs got that ritual thing over with he's going to be plotting revenge and consolidating his position. I wouldn't be surprised to see even more shadow activity in the middle east.

I also think Tir Tairngire will change its approach and try to become more of a political force in the NA continent instead of being so insular, perhaps forcing a resolution in Calfree, which I agree is about due a revolution! Closing the borders hurt the Tir's economy bad, and they're going to have to make some concessions to recover, and you can bet corps and governments will be quick to abuse their momentary weakness. But you can also bet that the elves will still work it to their advantage, and remain the paranoid racist posers we all know and love!
Speaking of the Middle East, what is happening with the resurrected arab (can't think of his name right now and am too lazy to go check)? You think that he'll cause any sort of global headaches?

Hell, the last thing we want is a returned from the dead, "Howling Coyote"-esque, nation unification deal.

You know, i'm drawing parallels between that "returned leader" in, god, where? And the survival of the Japanese Boy-emperor.

Seems a little too coincidental (no, haven't got threats 2, so I've probabily missed a huge release of info there.) and to be honest, I thought the "returned from the dead" Sheldim (SP?) would be more of a complication than they seemed to have been. I mean, the number of bodies my teams have left behind...

But I've probabily just watched waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many "returned from the dead" movies.


That's it.

Just a little jumpy from the Cola.



"Where's the boom-stick at?"
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