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Hot Wheels
Having been a good girl, and patient, and we all know it's one of my virtues, is there any date projected for Shadows of Europe?
northern lights
my gm was bugging them and heard february
Oooooohhhh febuary... i hope so, dying to take my regular shadow team on a run into the dark and gritty heart of our own backyard. Our own backwayrds in 2063/64 that is. Groovy
For what I've heard, it could also be late January, so make a wish this night. wink.gif
otaku mike
Well, imagine it's for April, and maybe we will have a good surprise. sarcastic.gif
Review of the final edit texts is still not done. sleepy.gif
Personally, I bet for April Fools Day wobble.gif
Na, it's due the day after Cyperpunk 3.0 arrives in the stores.

Now, now Mikey. We all know its for February the 29th. wink.gif Er, hang on this is a bloody ~Leap Year isn't it? Oh well, back over to you Mikey.

Twiddle thumbs...
Large Mike

Actually (and you didn't hear this from me, because I'm not sure if I should have told anyone), I was at SoCal and ended up hanging out with the Cyberpunk crew for a while. Besides playing a fairly massive game (multiple teams, one facility, one goal, steal a dragoon [incidentally, there's the cure for cyber-phycosis wandering the streets in the form of a pissed off dragoon with the personality of that girl that made the Soul Killer]) Just before sunrise, when the cigarettes just about ran out, a small handful of them decided to start making Cyberpunk 2030.

So... depending on how SoE does CP 2030 might very well be out before it. (Doubtful, though.)
Yeah, but Cyberpunk 2030 still uses the Fuzion rules.

Large Mike

Um, being not written yet, it doesn't actually follow any rules at all.
QUOTE (Large Mike)
Um, being not written yet, it doesn't actually follow any rules at all.

Don't get my hopes up.

My understanding is actually that CP2030/3rd edition has been written, re-written, revised, shelved, re-written, etc, over the last five years or so.
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