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Full Version: Autosofts - usable by Sprites?
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Greetings Dumpshockers,

One of my players who is a newer Technomancer in my game wants to know if Sprites can access the autosoft programs that are loaded in the vehicle node.

BBB p239 "Autosofts are specialized programs that assist Pilot programs in undertaking tasks that their basic Pilot programming does not cover"

Does this mean that since per RAW they only integrate with Pilot programs, and not with a Sprite because the sprite must be compiled with its own?

Second RAW Argument against would be: since a Technomancer must use "Emulation" (Advanced Threading p149 Unwired) to use skillsofts, and Sprites do not have the ability to Thread. i.e. Sprites not using Autosofts.

The main Point for letting them use Autosofts would be that I think the Rating of the Sprite is considered to be the Pilot for any drone that it is jumped into.

Any official help?

Unofficially, how do you run this in your game?

Thank you in advance for your help.
Tiger Eyes
Tutor Sprites (from Unwired) can. See pg 156 for how they work. However, I don't think that it would help your player in the way she (he) wants to use it.
Since Sprites are Resonance beings I'm not sure their Resonance-based Pilot ratings can interact with non-Resonance based Autosofts.

Machine Sprites can have any autosoft as an optional CF so it might help your player out.
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