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Full Version: Challenge: Finish the Joke
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So, during tonight's game session, one of my players said,

"A human and an ork pick up a box ..."

Now, she didn't mean to make it sound like the start of a joke, but I think life would be better if it was. So here's the challenge: using the first line given above, post the rest of the joke below.

Bonus Karma if it's culturally relevant in the 2070s. Double bonus Karma if it's relevant both in the 2070s and modernly. Quadruple bonus Karma if you post before the end of the game session. =i)
"A human and an ork pick up a box..."

... of Krispy Kreme donuts. The human starts divvying them up: "One for you, two for me, three for you, four for me..."

"Hey!" says the ork. "That's not fair!"

"I know, " says the human, "but Orks are bigger, so you need more."

So... Here goes:

"A human and an ork pick up a box. The human says, "Step one, cut a hole in the box." The ork says, let me cut it, or I can't do step two."
and it explodes, killing them both. It was a boom box.
A human and an ork pick up a box ...

The orc says "I'm glad I knocked out that dwarf before stuffing him into this box or it would be hard."

The human says "So... you are doing this just to get a fancy knife?"

"Not just any knife!" The orc says looking affronted "It's a..." At this point the orc starts listing a variety of specs the knife in question has while they continue walking out of the alley.


What could get anymore shadowrun then that? The even more interesting thing is we have so far had three incidences of three people stuffed into boxes. The most current event is a guy we call so fu**ed guy who in game sessions has been stuffed in a box for about three weeks game time (about 20-24 gaming sessions ago)

A human and an ork pick up a box of NERPS for their partners. But the pack has a special offer and contains 21 NERPS. Both knowing that their partners will give them drek if they get less than the other, they argue about who should get the extra one. But eventually they split the pack with the ork taking the extra one. and both head home. The human's wife sees the pack and angrily demands to know why she got 10 to the ork wife's 11. And the human says: "But he took all the GREEN ones!"

rotfl.gif rotfl.gif rotfl.gif
A human and an ork pick up a box of condoms and beer at the local shop.
The cashier eyeing them over asks, "Would you like a paper bag?"
The human responds, "Nah, I'm not sober enough yet."
... and the box says "Sorry boys, your not my (meta)type."
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