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Full Version: New Spell: Morph Ball
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Morph Ball
Type: P Range: Touch Duration: S DV: (F/2) + 2

Morph Ball rolls the subject and his equipment into a sphere approximately 1/4 his height. The subject retains consciousness and keeps all of his stats (including worn armor) and is able to move around by rolling under his own power. Due to the awkward nature of being a sphere, he is unable to use any firearms or melee weapons. He can, however, drop any piece of equipment on his person (except for clothing, armor, and other worn items) including bombs and grenades and is able to pull pins and set timers before dropping such devices.
been playing metroid lately?
Good idea, but yet so wrong.. Magic in Metroid *shivers* like killin' kittens with a lawnmower.
(Metroid in Shadowrun on the other hand.. Hm, tough one.. I would describe it as S&M sex)
Personally I always figured it was an extraspatial forcefield that allowed the area inside the orb to keep the same dimensions as the suit would have in its unravelled position. I also figured that for navigation inside the orb you would use non visual aids such as a 360 degree sonar or advanced motion sensors that sense the distance from obstacles aswell as groundcontact. Soft technobabble in the extreme.. However I found it quite intriguing to make the powersuit come real with technobabble.. So I got ten or so pages somewhere around here explaining everything from the powering, the compounds used in the suit, the various functions aswell as the cybernetic properties that allows for a direct neural interface..

Ps. One of my dreams is being able to direct a liveaction Metroid movie
I would fly to the capitol of Scandinavia to help make that happen. Hell I might have to fly there on the 5th anyway.
Given the appearance suitless ball sprite in the original Metroid, I'd say that instead of some overcomplicated and silly spacial bending (which would have far-reaching implications beyond the ability to become a ball) that the MaruMari simply allows the person to roll up into a ball, possibly by temporarily softening bones.
@ Hyzmarca more down to earth yeah, and at the same time... extremely gross
on the original metroid, here's some trivia from you.. the Marimaru or morphball was a solution for the problem that animating Samus crawling was far to advanced for the 8-bit graphics to handle however the element got a cool stamp and since stuck with the franchise
maybe Samus is just very fexiable or has smartjoints...
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