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Full Version: real life dikote?
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of all the silly things scientists comes up with silly.gif
mad science at it's best O.o

It occurs to me that in places like the Barrens, where education is low, this is the sort of thing that rapidly becomes a custom or urban legend. I can well see a Barrens native adept or samurai preparing their blades before battle by carefully heating tequilla under them and turning them in the fumes to give them an edge. I'm sure there are a lot of such rituals carried out in SR2070, both magical superstitions and technological ones.
i can see doctors doing this do desinfect their scalpels . . ok, with the available stuff in the barrens, that's probably going to do the exact opposite, but eh . .
I wonder what kind of applications it can have beside the ones cited.

QUOTE (Stahlseele @ Nov 8 2008, 05:55 PM) *
mad science at it's best O.o

QFT biggrin.gif !!!
First: Awesome!

Second: Derail, I'd actually think that Barren doc's usually use cheap UV lights to irradiate the hell out of their tools. Failing that I'm sure they use whatever rotgut is on hand. That might be a stylistic decision on my part. It's totally awesome to imagine going to some nasty Barrens "clinic" and seeing the doc pulls his tools out of some jury rigged UV box.
*shrugs* i guess i just can't forget an medival diabolic alchemist setting fire to his complete workplace and telling the heroine:"Fire is a very good desinfectant!" or however that is called in english <.< . . Yoko Tsuno < in one of those comics to be exact ^^
i just realized: if it were not for space/timetravel, this series would probably be very close to a shadowrun comic O.o
and if you can get your grubby paws on one or more of those, i strongly advise to read them
Hehe... sounds like a winner. what's the series name?
Yoko Tsuno
24 Books i think . .
here's a wiki
The final diamond film was hard and heat-resistant - properties that could make the diamond useful as coatings for cutting tools, high-power semiconductors, radiation detectors and optical-electronic devices, the scientists explained.

Take THAT, Arsenal 207, and your stupid 'Dikote is not viable because it makes no sense'. wink.gif

Other than that, I really love the blade preparation rituals.
Wasn't it more "Dikote is really awesome so it's already on everything that already could use it?"
something like that, yeah
kinda like how all heavy pistols in SR2 had firepower ammo by default...
I get the feeling they didn't just happen on this discovery. They were probably drinking tequila and spilled some on their samples. You know how those scientists like to party. biggrin.gif
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