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Full Version: Dual Natured Clarification
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I seem to have a nagging memory to have read it someplace in Runner's Companion that the Drakes and the non-ghoul Infected would be fully Dual-Natured. Yet by a cursory re-ead and search I have found nothing on the sort, only the Shapeshifters and the Free Spirits (as well as the Cyberzombies in Augmentation), and the Drakes only in the dracoform. So I'm left with the doubt it's nothing but an annoying false memory. Therefore, for my peace of mind, could someone more rulebook-savy than me please tell exactly which "exotic" player character options are Dual-Natured and which are not ?
The following are all dual natured: Sasquatch, Naga, Loup-Garou, Ghoul, Bandersnatch, Drakes (when in drake form only), and shapeshifters.

I'm fairly sure all the infected were dual natured in third edition, but haven't seen any indication that that holds in fourth edition, and in fact see a number of contraindications.
While all infected are awakened, they are not all duel-natured, which I believe is a change from previous editions. I think this is to make each of them more unique. Being dual-natured is a very strong quality. At adds a lot of huge benefits, but also a lot of huge drawbacks(if a projecting mage hovers twenty feet above you and starts hurling manabolts you are pretty screwed.) This forces you t use differing tactics depending on what type of infected you are, and also makes each type feel more unique.

I personally thought 3e had too big of a tendency to make everything para-critter dual natured myself.
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