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Full Version: Meeting and Sticking
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So, your runners meet up for the first time with each other and their Johnson.

They do the job, stuff happens, they finish.

What keeps them working together?
Internal and external forces.

The fixer and/or Johnson saw a working team, and uses the runners again instead of forming a new team that may end up less successful.

The runners worked together well, got nuyen, and decide to keep working together instead of risking a new team-up with some non-proven members.
My Character and their Johnson. Like Fuchs said, J saw a working team and said "Go for it!"

My character saw something he'd call "uncut Diamonds" and thought "Great, those are my first brothers in arms for a new world order!"
In character: The cash monies

Out of character: Because the same people are playing the same characters in multiple sessions, so it makes it easier on the GM to work everyone in to the game.
QUOTE (Audious @ Nov 12 2008, 08:47 AM) *
So, your runners meet up for the first time with each other and their Johnson.

They do the job, stuff happens, they finish.

What keeps them working together?

Similar to Fuchs, yet again, but one of the external forces usually is that these guys are so damn pleased to find some one else, anyone else, who is both a) Professional and b) Capable and c) Reliable that they tend to gravitate together for that reason.

In our game world the combination of Professional with Capable and Reliable is rarer than hens teeth, so even weird eccentricities that don't compromise their professionalism gets over looked with a hand wave.

Which is why I like the idea of character pools, since I personally see Shadowrunning Teams as the minority.
In some (most?) cases it's the "Power of plot!" The game expects this, and it's easier for the GM. Having people continually swap characters in and out means you can't use things in the characters backgrounds as plot seeds. Plus characters acquire karma faster if they are played every time.

Logically most of the time this wouldn't happen, but the bank robbery at the begining of "Dark Knight" shows what should happen in some of those cases.... But that isn't a lot of fun for the players.

Logically the PCs would never meet with the actual Johnson either, as it's a lot easier for a job to be deniable if there are multiple cut-outs between the PCs and the guy who is actually paying for the job. The players should only ever talk to their fixer. But it's a game convention that they have the "Johnson meeting". And that's fine, like the "PC team" convention.
nothing really.
each player has a pool of 5 to 15 characters and the GM has double that ammount for NPC's if needed.
everybody decides what kind of character he's gonna play that session if the GM does not say that he
would like to see certain abilities or characters straight out . . thus emulating the Mr.Johnson looking for
different sets people he has heard about that might fit his needs for the job. Usually, we don't know what
the guy next to us is playing untill the meeting with the johnson commences, because the GM makes sure
to call us on our RL-Names and not the Character Names so we do a propper introduction to each other
and the Johnson in Game. Lead to one of my Characters standing up and leaving after the disguised elf
revealed who she is and the johnson / GM had to call up another Character who did not know the elf at
that time to make up for the loss.
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