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Full Version: An End-to-End "blog" of a run
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Hi everyone,

I've seen over the past while here on DS that there are a few rookie or relatively inexperienced GM's looking for help on preparing and running SR sessions. I've been thinking about effective ways to help these people that goes beyond just passing out extremely general advice and I had an idea. My idea was to essentially "blog" an SR run (adventure) end-to-end. I would start a thread here on DS and post in it every day or so about to explain what I'm doing and why, from the stages of researching and getting an idea for the run, preparing the run notes and statting NPCs, to actually running the adventure where I'll relate what happened in the session and how that did or didn't fit into my original plans. Hopefully this peak into the mind of a more experienced GM (I've been GM'ing for over 10 years, from the SR2 days) will give some insight and ideas to less experienced GM's. Does this sound like it would be something you'd be interested in? Let me know.
I does even just how to see how another Gm works. I normaly ad-hoc from per made genral tables and the ideas in my head. just cos normally my PC wont go any way i fully plan for so huge planing is a waste 0ver 60% of the time. I map areas they have to go to and are key to the plot as well as the key prime runners other than that I go with the flow. But yes I'm interested in seeing how an "more experienced GM" runs a game I've been GMing for 1and a bit so any advise is welcome.
I think its an awesome idea, I for one would enjoy reading and learning from it smile.gif
Not to toot my own horn, but I do have recorded sessions of quite a few of my runs up on the net to listen to if you care. If you have the time, I would love to here what you think about them. Link is in my sig.
think he's talking about designing shadowruns, not running a game wink.gif
I'm talking about both actually. Although MaxMahem's podcasts do provide some nice real-world examples of how a Shadowurn session is run. My intention was to "blog" the "lifecycle" of a run from an initial idea stage all the way through running it.
I'm just starting to gm Shadowrun, so this would be a great resource for me.

Also, thanks to Max. I'll be checking out those podcasts soon
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