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Full Version: what are some of you best roleplaying
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mine was wacthing the 2 newbie try to kill a dragon
I believe that counts as "roll-playing" rather than roleplaying...
*sigh* Normally I'm pretty even handed when it comes down to it. But Merc. First off, there is no grammar in your post. No caps, no punctation. Learn to type like a semi-productive member of this board.
Second, barring insane circumstances, thats not roleplaying. Thats getting killed in a right big hurry. As a note, and I feel as though most people here will agree with me, newbies cant roleplay. Its not their fault, they are newbies, often they don't know better, or in cases, they don't know how.
*edit* Yes, thank you Backgammon, that was a cut down version of my rant.
QUOTE (merc @ Dec 29 2003, 05:39 PM)
mine was  wacthing the 2 newbie try to kill a dragon

In Shadowrun, the best roleplaying I've had in the past few years was a very complicated run. We were hired to retrieve what turned out to be a horrific, fast-acting bioweapon. We ended up deciding to turn it over to the UCAS government rather than Mr. Johnson.

Turning the weapon over to the government without getting killed, arrested, or appearing on the evening news truly involved a lot of roleplaying. In addition to just carrying out the many steps of saving our asses, we also found time to take photographs of a nude Mr. Johnson the male dwarf albino mage in a coffin motel. (Both were covered in duct tape residue, Mr. Johnson was drugged into oblivion, and the dwarf had a lot of stun damage that left him exhausted and vulnerable to blackmail photographs.) Getting the bioweapon turned out to involve little combat, just the infiltration of Seatac airport and reaching a locker. However, there was a lot of footwork, a lot of wheeling and dealing, a lot of involvement of contacts, and a lot of fun.

Combat, as I recall, was minimal, but that's common (though not universal) in the best roleplaying sessions.
Frag-o Delux
I think the best role-playing was, when one guys character ran into another. The second was a reformed runner turned minister semi-retired, the second was coked up undercover narco. He walked into his "church" and disrepected him and in two different voices and style of action they argued back and forth, until the reverend beat the holy hell out of the cop. So funny watching one player destroy two of his own characters and with out concern for either, like favoring your favorite or turning it into a love fest. I have palyed a lot of sessions with both characters and they deffinetly had to different personalities that he played to the hilt during the whole affair. Very entertaining, even while my character tried to break it up, my character knew the reverend that is why we were there, looking for some help.
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