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Full Version: Players giving ideas for the GM
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This is a bit more of a thought process than a question. So bear with me here:

My character is a former Renraku arcology security personnel member. She was turned and beamce a happy member of Deus' group. She actually was one of the top captains having gained band five with seven being the major ring leader (such as Pax)

She has a negative background count. Looks like 25 when she is actually 35. Escaped Seattle General Hospital after being found hanging off the rooftop of the Arcology in 2069. Heavy frankensteining of her brain pan, with parts of it being borrowed from someone else. Most of her brain works on the power of medical assistive technology. To be honest, she is one of those people who would go through cyberzombie modification and turn into an NPC.

I was thinking on having a run on the top 200 or so levels of the Renraku arcology. A way to put the demons to rest and maybe open up a much more personable connection between our PCs and the gaming world.

What do people think. What would a mission to the sealed areas of Renraku look like? What kinds of monsters would still be there ten years on. Who would pay for the run?

My GM reads the forums, so I have yet to tell him because I would like other input that way he can mix and match ideas wink.gif
Deus rearranged many of the floors of the Arcology in order to "test" the people that would eventually become the Nodes of his Network. Many of the floors could still be rearranged to contain some of his "proving grounds" which would contain areas with lots of different styles of traps and tests. Although unlikely, there could still have been a few drones that were not deactivated and are still attempting to perform their last instructions that Deus gave them. The "Spiders" which acted as Deus' construction drones would be the best bet there. A classic "horror" moment would be finding one of the rooms where Deus dumped his failed "experiments." There could be one or more rooms filled with the remains of people with failed cyberware implants and such. Although unlikely, it's possible that some of them may have survived in some way, shape, or form but are now some twisted abomination of what they once were. I'd say the most likely opposition are the traps and "proving grounds" that Deus left behind from his experiments, and maybe a few stray drones. This idea sounds like a great opportunity for more of an emotional "confront your demos" scenario rather than any real "combat" opposition, however.
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