Hi all - this I guess is really a note for Adam (in case he doesn't already know about it):

I was playing a game the other night with some friends, and one of them has a shiny new 5th-printing BBB, which I was coveting over my 1st-printing BBB (because it has all of the errata merged into it) ... BUT - we did come across a printing error/misprint in the 5th printing version (that doesn't exist in my 1st printing version).

I don't have his 5th-printing BBB with me now, but the error was on "the page that has the weapons descriptions for the sniper rifles, shotguns and special weapons" (which is page 309 in my first-printing BBB).

The table at the bottom of the page - the headings for the various types of guns such as Sport Rifles, Sniper Rifles and Shotguns instead all read "Submachine Guns". Looks like a copy-paste error to me. It came about when he exclaimed that the stats were missing - we found them after I had a look and spotted the error on the headings, and the stats are all correct, just the headings were off.

Thanks for reading!