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Full Version: Possibilities of the guncam
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Doc Hopper
Would it be feasible to link a guncam to an cyber-eye image-link (the one that does movies), and then be able to shoot around corners and over cover (like those wonderfuly tough cement dividers in highways)? There would probably be nasty modifiers, but possibly offset by linking a smartlink and having it appear within the image-link window?

Also, can you have an image display of all your buddies during a run a.l.a. the rigger's ability to see all his drone's activities at once? It would probably involve lots of camera equipment and setup, but would be invaluable for small-unit tactics.

1) Yes, guncams are usefull for shooting around cover. I'd indeed give a modifier though, seeing how you are not properly positionned for firing a gun.

2) The BattleTac system is one way of achieving that.
Plus you'd have the same target number penalties that you get from just using a single cyber-eye since it'd be a lot harder to judgedistance. Although a range finder may mitigate that some.
Already being done in real life... smile.gif
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