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Full Version: Do Spirits experience Drain during use of Innate Spell?
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I recall but can't find written proof that spirits do not suffer drain from use of their Powers, including Innate Spell. The closest I can find is in SR4, p. 286 under Sustained Powers. Am I right?

Could someone help me, please?

They wouldn't suffer drain from the use of their Powers (unless the specific power said something to that extent), but I don't think they avoid Drain when it comes to Innate Spell. All it says is that they have the ability to cast a specific spell and that the spell is the same as if cast by a magician. The need for the Spell Casting skill reinforces that the mechanics are the same.

I've always said they need drain. And if they don't, it would make some spirits pretty scary.
The section you cite talks about the Spirit not being subject to negative modifiers and such from sustaining or maintaining a Power. Nothing is stated about actually using it in the first place. The section on Innate Spell specifically mentions 'casting one spell' and goes on to mention the use of Spellcasting. Further, the text goes on to state that the Innate Spell being the same as those cast by magicians.

All in all, I would say that Spirits are indeed subject to Drain when using the Innate Spell Power.
Just found an entry in the SR FAQ:

What attribute do critters use for Drain since they don't possess a tradition?

All critters default to Intuition when resisting Drain from power or spell use.

I must be remembering something from earlier editions. Thanks for replies.

I think they only suffer drain when using spellcasting, not when using a power that duplicates a spell like effect. Hence for things like elemental attack they suffer no drain.
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