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Full Version: Off-Road Suspension Included
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I have quick question I wanted to verify with some other GM's/players. There are a few vehicles in Arsenal that state that Off Road Suspension is included as a "standard upgrade." At the beginning of the Vehicle listing section it states that bonuses due to standard upgrades are already factored into the vehicle stats. Off Road Suspension provides +1 to Handling off road, and -1 Handling when On-Road. Do you think the Handling rating listed with these vehicles includes the Off Road bonus? Thus, the On-Road handling of those vehicles is actually -2 from what is listed?

For example, the Tata Hotspur has an Off Road Suspension and a Handling of +1. I'm thinking that +1 is the Off Road handling (with the Suspension bonus), 0 is the "unmodified" handling of the vehicle, and -1 would be the On Road handling.

Tata Hotspur
Truck Base -1 (p. 159 SR4)
Off Road Suspension + 1 off Road - 1 On Road
Smart Tires + 2

So the base +1 is the Truck + Smart tires.

Apply the off and on road suspension modifier separately.
Hmmm... so bonuses due to Off Road Suspension aren't actually "included" in the listed Handling rating. I guess that makes sense because they are conditional.
Well, that works in this example with the Hotspur, but I wouldn't be certain it's consistent.
Rotbart van Dainig
Personally, I always took the Handling in the book as the standard onroad-handling.

So adding an Offroad Suspension permanently reduces it and the offroad handling is two points higher.
Something else I just noticed... the freaking hovercraft in Arsenal has +2 handling? That seems a little loony to me.
Rotbart van Dainig
Only +1 when hovering, though.
True, but it still seems... odd... to me that a big lumbering Hovercraft would handle as good as that Hyundai sporty car.
The hovercraft has acceleration and speed ratings about half those of the Shin-Hyung. I'd say the Hyundai would dust the hovercraft under any conditions that weren't impassable to cars.
True, and the Hyundai even has more body. Go figure.
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