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child of insanity
Hi! i'm looking for all the sr3 tools i can find. i just (re) started my campaign and need some tools. I've got NSRCG and Jackpoint (which doesn't always work for me for some reason) any other suggestions?
well, there are two german only tools.
Man at Arms, which incorporates the weapon design rules from Canon Companion.
And the run Creator 2, which is a little tool that uses the Mr.Johnsons Little Blackbook or something like that to generate runs randomly . .

Aside from that, there's now much . . i once had a Decker Game in english that was the complete Matrix rules in a 2D top down environment, but i don't know where i got that one from
child of insanity
unfortunately i don't speak german. and has NSRCG been updated (semi)recently?
nope, hasn't happened in over two years sadly
Heya, 3rd edition long timer here. Don't overlook some of the fourth edition tools are still workable for third as well. Maps don't care what edition (or even sometimes what game) you're playing. If you like Seattle try : Wizkids

Don't overlook Wikipedia either. Even the fourth stuff is often useful for perspective and such things as timelines and the like.

child of insanity
oh yea, i'm in seattle and like you said... maps don't care. i've taken maps from everywhere. heh, i used to have one of my high school, but never figured out how to use it in a way that was truly enjoyable wink.gif
note: jackpoint keeps crashing on my laptop. i've got the latest codec it needs (can't remember the one) and it just crashes anytime i try to save/load a new character.
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