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Full Version: Resist Pain spell and Drain damage
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We know that Drain damage, whether Physical or Stun, cannot be healed magically.

The Resist Pain spell, SR4 p. 200, does not heal or remove damage, it eliminates the modifiers from damage. Does this apply to damage received from Drain?

I don't see why not? You are treating symptoms, not healing damage.
Resist Pain works to offset the penalties of drain. You are not repairing the damage only ignoring the effects of it. The spell works like a Stim Patch without the extra damage after it wears off. (Since it does not wear off... it is permanent till you take more damage)
You know, I've never noticed that spell before. It's rather nice, actually and the DV-4 drain value makes give it some pretty decent bang for its buck.
Dr Funfrock
Don't see any reason why it shouldn't, and the drain is low enough that you'll almost certainly resist it all.

However check the FAQ for some specifics on the use of the spell. You have to specifically declare what level of wound modifier you're casting it for. If your wound penalty goes above that, the spell just stops working altogether (yes, it just fizzles).
Still, it's so cheap you can just cast it for your maximum possible wound penalty before you go into a fight. It's one of the many things in Shadowrun that rewards those who are well prepared, and don't just let themselves get blindsided all the time. Glass cannons and all that.
Actually, Dr. Funfrock, I think it has to be cast on a particular, existent set of wounds, and so the DV is set by that damage. If the injured person heals, or is hurt for at least one more box of damage, the spell effect fizzles. Obviously, that's only a problem in the latter case.

I think the good doctor was referring to this FAQ item:

Can Resist Pain be cast on someone before they are injured?

No, as there is no pain to resist. Alternately, a gamemaster can allow it, but keep in mind that Resist Pain uses "Damage Value" as the basis for the Drain Value. This means that the caster needs to choose a Damage Value to apply the pain resistance for when casting the spell. If the subject suffers damage with a higher DV than Resist pain was cast for, it will have no effect.

So the use that is described is the optional rule would be the latter half of the above response.
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