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Full Version: Training Costs
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I am trying to find a list of training costs for normal skills (non magical). Is their a table for that in the book or do I kinda have to make this up on my own?

There's no real need to bump an article a mere 1.5 hours after originally posting.

In Arsenal there's a table for learning martial arts on p. 157 describing the cost for both personal instructors and tutorsofts in a given martial art. There's also the cost for tutorsofts given in SR4 on p. 321 which are slightly cheaper. The former is Rating * 1000 nuyen while the latter is Rating * 500. This seems to give a range of values for Tutorsofts that you could use for other skills.

As for actual instructors, I'd use the table on p. 157 and extrapolate from there if a tutorsoft won't cut it. The more rare the sill may be, the more difficult and more expensive I'd make the skill.
I thought there was something like 500 nuyen per rank of Instruction they had or something. Barring that, just buy Tutorsofts (for every skill - Magic/Resonance skills).
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