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Black Roger
Hello there everyone. I'm Black Roger, newbie to the Dumpshock forums. As advertised, I'm looking for a little bit of help beefing up my character for the forthcoming season finale of my 4th Edition Shadowrun game. I also completely understand that SR combat is team and tactics based, and that it's not just me there on the battlefield. That being said, I'd like to help out as much as possible and reach the juicy conclusion of this really fun game so far. It's not so much fun when the bosses kinda end you frown.gif

I'm the physical adept of the group, focused on melee combat, perception, and gymnastics. Currently, I have about 19 karma to mess around with, and won't likely get more before the big finish. It's my first game of 4th ed (my inexperience is reflected in my build), and I'm only worried about the final battle because he's promised us that it'll be a biggie. We're basically looking at the paragons of cyberware, magic, and hacking separately.

Currently, my magic is at 6, and I am not yet initiated. The initiate bonuses in the book aren't exactly what I'm looking for. I recall reading somewhere an alternate rule saying adepts can gain an additional power point instead of an initiate power. Does anyone know anything more about this?

My dice pool for melee isn't that grand, totaling 11 dice (4 agi + 5 skill + 2 weapon focus). I'm thinking about taking the ability boost adept power to raise my agi before combat. Can you give me some other suggestions on bumping this up?

Should I get another power point, where should I put that point? I already have 3 initiative passes, a great deal of critical strike, killing hands, and some sensory upping. Great leap is pretty awesome, as is catching thrown objects, but are they worth it?

My dice pool for gymnastics totals at 8 (4 agi and 4 skill). Are there items out there that help out with this? I have a little more than 40k to kick around, but I'd rather not spend it all in one place. I foresee gymnastics being pretty useful, or at the very least awesome.

My gear is fairly standard out of the core rule book. Should I look on giving my armor anything aside from the basic non-conductivity, flame resistance, and chemical resistance? My weapon (sport rifle) is just out of the book. Any suggestions on something to add to it?

I'd appreciate these questions being answered, but would be happy for any and all suggestions. I'd sincerely appreciate it, thanks!
- Street magic errata, from

QUOTE ('p. 31 Tweaking the Rules')
Add the following Tweak:
“Adept Initiation. Groups may consider allowing adepts
to gain 1 Power Point instead of a Metamagic at Initiation.?

Warning: As a tweak, this rule needs group approval. If you choose Initiation, this is pretty good.

- Great Leap or Missile Parry are not what you slot when you want immediate power. Agility Boost is better. You could consider mystic armor, depending on your build.

- I would personally not want to mess up the character just to be better at the last boss-fight. Otherwise I´d say that Agility-boosting bioware is good for any character. Trust your GM to provide the final battle.
if you can get your hands on one, an infusion focus of any number of adept powers would be pretty good for you, i think nyahnyah.gif

but yeah, most of the stuff in the regular SR4 book isn't gonna help you much... digital grimoire (for the infusion focus) may be a worthwhile purchase for you though...
If your GM allows the optional rule that adepts can choose a power point (instead of a metamagic) when they initiate, you can get a power point and spend it on two points of improved ability in your main combat skill, or two points of combat sense (good for dodging, parrying, and surprise tests), or maybe a point of Agility boost (that lets you roll 7 dice to boost your Agility, and only gives you 1 point of Drain. I would not get it at higher than 1, because you want a Drain that you can reliably soak for something that you use all the time like this), two points of improved ability in gymnastics, and one point of enhanced perception. If it's your first initiation, it will only cost 13 Karma, leaving you enough Karma to take a specialization in your main combat skill, as well as two more specializations (assuming that your GM lets you spend all of your Karma - sometimes GMs limit you to one thing between adventures).

If your GM doesn't allow that rule, then I would improve Agility to 5 for 15 Karma (which will raise your combat skill and your gymnastics dice pools), then specializations for your main combat skill and gymnastics.
Welcome to the Dumpshock community Black Roger!

For your magic if you check pg.189 BBB (Big Black Book, ie. the core rule book) Initiation basically bumps you max magic up and you have to buy that point as normal. This is a judgment call for you, that point is useful and fun but it will be expensive.

For your melee have you thought of specializing? otherwise go with improved ability or if you have arsenal available got for a Personalized grip. Also check out Martial Arts there are some bonuses there for you.

When you ask about what you should get with that power point you, you need to ask yourself how to best spend that in a way to support you and/or the rest of the group. If you don't have Combat Sense then you should think very hard about getting it.

For Gymnastics got for improved ability its a .25 cost so its not as bad as the .5 for melee.

Your Armor has a few things you can do. Gel Packs out of Arsenal or get some PPP also out of arsenal and you can always get different armor.

Your rifle can use the Personalized grip as well and should be smartlinked BUT make sure you have some diffrent ammunition for it, APDS is a must, look over the ammunition in the BBB and Arsenal. If you really need an upgrade get a sniper rifle.

Black Roger
Alright guys, thanks for your input. I'll run these ideas by the DM, and see what he thinks of them.

Overall, I don't think I'm going to worry about it much. Even though I'm a little worried about wiping on the final battle, I honestly don't think that's his intention.

I'll just enjoy the game and try and make it more fun for everyone.
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