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Full Version: Simple question on Metamagic
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When you choose a metamagic, you get it at 1 ? Ex. you choose Divining so you start with Divining Skill (1) ? And you can improve it like a skill ?

'Cause I was searching in MitS for the rule about that and I don't find them ...

Thanks !
I have another question. If the only way to increase your magic rating is to initate and most people start with a magic rating of 6. How do they explain you initating 6 times and not having any metamagics to start out with? I may just be missing something here.
When you choose a Metamagic, you gain the ability to use that Metamagic. If there is a skill (or skills) involved, just learning the Metamagic in no way grants you any level in the appropriate skill. These must be learned seperately.
Ancient History
1)Aramus: Your skill level is not limited by your Initiate grade. As Fortune said, gainign the metamagic enables you to purchase the Divining Skill, and the skill you divine with (such as Sortilage) but you do not automatically gain levels int hose skills when you gain that metamagic or initiate.

2)Joker9125: Your natural, default magic rating is 6 (because it is based on Essence, and the default Essence for metahumans is 6). This does not mean you initiated 6 times. Therfore, you do not get any metamagic.
Don't forget, choosing Metamagic as an initiation gain doesn't automatically grant you that metamagic; it grant you the opportunity to try and learn it.
Thanks for your help !
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