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Full Version: New and Modified Cyberware Suites
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Due to errors in the math in Augmentation, I’ve redone the Cyberware suites chart (and added some and modified another). I removed the cost of the commlink from the package before multiplying for grade then added it back in. I’ve also included the package’s base essence cost in case the purchaser has biocompatibility or an Adapsin treatment (for ease of redoing the math). I give permission freely to repost this on websites and use in your games.

---Streetangelj (J Carroll)

Lone Star SWAT:
-Add Cyberware Safety
-Change to TrumanTech MaxFire A Cybereyes with Recorder, Image Link, Smartlink, Thermographic, Flare Compensation, and Magnification.

7 Days Right Hand Man: 7 Days Security markets this package to bodyguards and executive protection teams across North America. The cyberarms can carry 2 capacity worth of additional components, and can be customized to each user at full normal cost. It includes the following components:
-2 BioGene Synthetic Cyberarms
Primary Arm
-Weapons World ES5 Shock Hand
-Weapons World Mine! Cyber Safety
-Wiremasters Inc. Aura-4 Scanner System (rating 4)
-Fingertip Compartment
Secondary Arm:
-Microdeck Vista 2070 Commlink (treat as Fairlight Caliban)
-Microdeck Via 2068 Orientation System
-Microdeck Interlok 2070 Datajack
-CrashCart Chiurgion Biomonitor
-BioGene TacBone CZ Ceramic Bone Lacing
-Wiremasters Inc. Sherlock-3 Attention CoProcessor (rating 3)
-Wiremaster Inc. Raptor-3 Cybereyes (with Recorder, Image Link, Smartlink, Flare Compensation, Low Light, and Thermographic options)
-Wiremasters Inc. Canine-2 Cyberears (with Recorder, Sound Link, Improved Sensitivity, Damper, and Select Sound Filter-2)
-Wiremasters Inc. Sasquatch Voice Modulator

Renraku Digital Maestro: Renraku designed this package to be marketed to singers and composers of digital music. It includes the following components:
-Tetradyne Lucid III Implanted Commlink (treat as Novatech Airwave w/ an included Iris Orb OS) w/ sim module
-Tetradyne Trance Cyberears (rating 2) w/ Sound Link, Recorder, Increased Sensitivity, Enhancemement-3, Damper, and Select Sound Filter- 3
-Tetradyne Envision Image Link Eye Modification
-Tetradyne Virtuoso Voice Modulator
-Global Technologies Transit Datajack
-Global Technologies Hypersense Simrig
-Global Technologies Tactile+ Touch Link
-Global Technologies Statistician Math SPU

Mitsuhama Spidersuite: The Spidersuite is designed to help professional climbers and has found its way into the underworld as an aid for second-story men. It includes the following components:
-Drive-Ware Technologies GyroPlus Balance Augmenter Ear Modification
-Drive-Ware Technologies HyperAttach Magnetic System (1 each arm and leg)
-Evo Articulare Smart Articulation
-Evo Mantara Muscle Replacement (rating 2)
-Automation Systems, Inc. Roo Balance Tail
-Automation Systems, Inc. Chimp Grip Feet
-Automation Systems, Inc. Kat Retractable Climbing Claws (1 each hand and foot)

New Chart:


Lone Star Swat


-Watchman Line (Alpha)

please delete. I do not understand why the multiposts
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