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I'm getting ready to start up another SR campain and was wondering where people get their maps of building/complexs/houses/suburbs from for their games?

Do you create all of them or pull them from real designs or something else? Are there any resources out there for people who don't want to create the layout of a hotel or other building needed?

Thank you for your help.
If you can find them, I recommend two sourcebooks for other games. The first is Thrilling Locations for the James Bond RPG (out of print, but findable on Amazon, E-bay, and occasionally Used game stores/for trade on, the other is Critical Locations for D20 Modern (possibly available in your FLGS as well as those places above, probably on as well). Also I'll take this opportunity to pimp Method's (a poster here) maps on photobucket. I'm not sure if 0One made modern maps but their fantasy ones are excellent so they might be worth looking into. You can also just search the web and hope to get lucky, I got a few of my best maps that way.
If you do a advanced search for "Maps" you will find numerous threads with some very good resources. wink.gif

P.S.- Thanks for the pimping, streetangelj. biggrin.gif
These are great.

Thank you Streetangelj and Method.

Wesley Street
I find usable floorplans and blueprints with a Google search, clean them up and scale them to the appropriate size using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. More here.
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