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Full Version: Players Vs. GMs
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sound off like you've got a pair!

(use your personal preference in judging exactly what "pair" means)
If only one of my buddies would GM, I'd gladly play. But I've basically been GMing since high school, and that's a looooong time about now. smile.gif
I feel your pain reg, I feel your pain.
I've been GMing our game for about 5 years, and the only other time someone GMed another SR game it was a one shot...

It's Req, actually, with everyone's favourite letter Q.

you know, i pondered on that a bit, and went with the g. mainly because my name's got the g and it looks the same.

sorry req! biggrin.gif
And once again, Kagetenshi's got my back. Aww yeah. cool.gif

Fourstring - no worries, I'm getting used to it. smile.gif
Austere Emancipator
I've GM'd about... 350-400 games now. I've played about... 3 times, the latest being 6 years ago. I guess that counts as "mainly GM"?
I've been GMing for about six years now, and aside from about five games interspersed quite regularly through there, I don't get to play much.

I wish someone would GM, so I could feel like I make all these characters for something, but as it stands all my friends are "too busy". Bitches. biggrin.gif
I used to play only for lack of courage when it came up to bat...... GM wise I mean.............

Anyway, it seems since I started GMing, the players like me as a gm better, thus now I hardly ever play.

side note, four string, what kind of bass do you own?
I play 100% with one group and GM 100% with the other.

So far, I've enjoyed GMing more. Mostly because Diesel is a realism Nazi, and I have a bad habit of being busy when he wants to game...

nuyen.gif frown.gif nuyen.gif
side note, four string, what kind of bass do you own?

i've got a couple. a black musicman sterling with a rose wood fretboard, and a sunburst fender american jazz bass. i use both when i play live, for different tunings. I play through a ampeg svt-4 and an 8x10 cab. i'm thinking of switching over to a mesa 400+ though, since i love the tube sound biggrin.gif .

what about you?
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