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Full Version: Simsense on it's way!
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check that out. I want my VR now!
HolyDreck......... Yet reciving signals and analizing them is one thing sending the exactsignal to to right part of the brain is another, we are still far from AR/VR.
Dr Funfrock
Well, see, that's kind of the silly thing about it. Full immersion simsense VR, as described in Shadowrun, is really tricky.
AR? That's pretty much just a matter of processing power. The rest is easy. In fact systems that do what SR4 AR proposes to are already in existence, being tested for using in mechanical engineering, medicine, and similar fields.
one thing to note is that each brain is unique in its activity...

so unless there is some fairly creative calibration systems involved, any kind of mind reading will be a long way off...
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