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Full Version: The Adept SB?
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Doc Hopper
I remember the incredibly long threads that were devoted to the Adept Source Book. Whatever happened to that? Is there any unfinished material open for public scrutiny?

I have an old pdf called The Adepts Handybook but I'm always on the lookout for more Adept resources.
It is still very much a work-in-progress. smile.gif
Dark Scrier
Progess you say? Sounds interesting.

I'll give you $20 for it.
Talia Invierno
Work-in-progress where? ... would contributions and/or writing/editing assistance from others (me) be encouraged?
The best thing to do would be to go here and talk to TheDude or Jr. Woodchuck.
There is also the possibility of Adepts being covered in one of the upcoming official books (SOTA64 is the best bet). I saw possibly b/c it can be planned for but depending upon what other good stuff gets included it might get cut.
Talia Invierno
Thanks. (It was always an area of strong interest for me.) Will follow up later today.
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