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Full Version: Question about how the NSRCG handles smartlinks
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Shanshu Freeman
The NSRCG offers

1) Smartlink 2s for nuyen.gif 3500 and essence of .5

But there's a heading marked

2) Smartlink Subsystems, with the four components listed individually.

Is #1 for the whole get-up, and #2 if I'm buying it piecemeal (for example if I already have the image link)

or do I need *both* #1 and all four items in #2?
I think it is 1) for the full package and 2) if you want to buy piecemeal
Austere Emancipator
Yeah, one whole, one piecemeal.
And if you really want to piecemeal it, ask Raygun for his smartgun link! grinbig.gif

EDIT: Got it here!
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