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Full Version: Can we think of a new class of drug?
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So all the shadow run drugs are either the shadow run version of existing drugs (betameth etc), are more consequences of the mechanics than the setting (+IP drugs), or magic drugs. Can anyone think of a new class of psycho active, or really in hard sci-fi hard drug?

What about the bio-awakened drugs presented in arsenal (I think) as well as Ghost Cartels? That would seem to be a new concept of drug that we don't see in the real world due to the magical nature of them. Or am I not understanding your question?
- If you're looking for crazy sci-fi drugs, it seems you can't do much better than Philip K. Dick. Substance D from A Scanner Darkly comes to mind as one that would be interesting to introduce into Shadowrun, in terms of it's effects. The Spice Melange from Dune also seems like something that could be interesting mechanistically - a drug that grants progressive magical power the longer you take it, but you have to keep up with the doses, and it's fantastically expensive...would be an interesting way for rich mundanes to break in on the magic game.

If you want to get really out there, perhaps a new 'Awakened' Drug grants the user the ability to see 3 or 4 seconds into the future for five minutes or so, and then you have some kind of horrible crash afterward, although I imagine the cost for something that potent would be immense.

I dunno. I'm sure someone else will come up with something more exotic soon. wobble.gif
Shadowrun already has them, they're called Genetic Infusions.
The Jake
You have new forms of pharmaceuticals, BTL chips, Awakened drugs, Genetic Infusions, UV hosts... ummm... I'm REALLY not sure what else you could POSSIBLY want...

- J.
a cure for the common cold and hangovers for example.
especially, if you were ever on the receiving end of both of those at once . .
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