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Ok, so I was reading up a bit on the Wakyambi; the African elf metavariant who are around as tall as trolls(but slender.) They have typical elf stuff, but also have Elongated Limbs. However, the example Wakyambi in the picture looks rather well-proportioned for his size.

A few questions about these:

-Do Elongated Limbs give your character a ''Gorilla on Stilts'' look to them? I ask for a pure aesthetic standpoint-I'd like to build a very tall Human, Elf, or Ork(with Metahuman Trait: Gigantism from RC), but have them look well-proportioned...and not like someone from the Jim Rose Circus.

-I ask the first question because when looking at Metahuman Trait: Gigantism, they do not get a Reach bonus. But...even a human around 2.3 meters tall(I'm guessing that's a very tall basketball player IRL) looks like they should have some Reach(again, Ive seen those RL people, and their arms are hella long, pulling off the dunks without moving, etc.) Does this mean someone with the Gigantism trait has arms and legs that are disproportionately shorter for their bodies, and thus SHOULD get Elongated Limbs to look ''Like A Normal, Really Tall Human/Elf/Ork?'' I kind of wondered if it would be neat to build some sort of really tall basketball player, what with all of the cybersports out nowadays.

--Trolls are shown as having +1 reach; but not Elongated Limbs. I know this is always been due to the fact their arms are shown to be quite long(though their legs are shorter than average for someone of their size.) Which actually makes me wonder why a Troll gets a bigger running modifier, even though an Ork or Elf around 2.1 meters tall-which isn't even a giant-probably has legs about as long as they do, yet they get no such benefits; in fact, seeing a lot of art of Trolls next to even typical Orks or Elves to not show a real difference in leg length. Note the running thing only really started confusing me recently, since if I recall, Trolls never used to get such a thing(they did get Reach due to long arms, though, of course.) Did Trolls suddenly become human-proportioned in this edition?

-Thinking how Dwarves might work with this is confusing me even more, so I might not go there yet. grinbig.gif Though would a Dwarf with Elongated Limbs still get +1 reach?(picturing that in my head, however...) Would they avoid their Movement Penalty and move like a Human? (Ie, would a Dwarf with long limbs basically just look like a human?)

Yah, these might sound odd, but for some reason my brain started to think ''realistically'' (which can be dangerous in tabletop and I try not to do it for reasons like this), and thus these questions popped up. biggrin.gif
-''Gorilla on Stilts''. Elongated limbs are unusually long compared to the rest of the body. It would be a gorilla on pillars, should the character have sufficient Body and Strength.

- That exceptionally large humans/orks/elves could have a reach bonus is true, but you will have to make a houserule for that.

- Trolls do get a reach bonus for being large. Possible movement speeds are a function of strength and size, and therefore Troll speeds could be obtainable by other races, too. SR has simplified things a bit more - an IMO sound move, considering that movement speeds donĀ“t play that large a role in the rules anyway.

- A dwarf with elongated limbs would have an unproportionally short upper body, and, well, long arms. A positive reach modifier for them would be very odd indeed, since they are the short end of the reach 0 category going in. If you imagine them as human looking, there is the balance issue of a meta-human (heh) race with overall superior stats.
Odd thought to have. biggrin.gif

IRL Gigantism leads to the whole body being larger than average, but still in proportion. So it looks like it's exactly what you're looking for but YMMV. Elongated limbs, meanwhile, would to my mind grant the metatype disproportionately long arms and legs. That's just my two pence tho.

Your comment about trolls and movement rates is a very valid point, but in my view the movement rates are all messed up anyway, so I replaced them all in my game anyway. It's a little harder to close to melee range at my table! Given what you've said, I'd be inclined not to give the Trolls the speed boost they get by RAW. Not an issue at my table since I don't have any troll PCs.

As for dwarves with elongated limbs or giantism, I'd be inclined to give a player who suggested that a slap, and tell them to just make a human!
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