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Full Version: Help with character concept
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Hello all, Im not gonna write up my entire character just a couple things that I need help on. Just a little thing, he is a combat/stealth character. Sorta like a ninja.

He is an adept, 1.75 points are in Missle mastery and strongthrow. He can now throw anything as lethal dmg for 5DV at 20 meters no penalty. I find this incredible useful for times when my group are with Mr. J's or anytime we are not aloud to bring in traditional weapons. He then has the long arm skill for sniping and the sword skill for melee.
The problem is that another group member of mine says to be succesful in never being unarmed i should drop throw and swords and get the unarmed skill group. Use the 1.75 magic and some other to get Deadly strike, Critical hit and Piercing Strike. Then use a sniper rifle for any range we need.

Can you think of anything that might help me decide, some con's or pros that I have have overlooked or not even thought off.
Pros: Like your friend said, you'll never be without a melee weapon. Chances are, if you're worried about your toys being taken away, a sword and sniper rifle will be among the first to go. Plus, in melee defense rolls, you can alway use unarmed combat, but could only use swords if you have your sword on you, drawn, etc - so, not when you're shooting or throwing, probably.

Cons: Lower damage code (probably), plus you have to spend some of your power points on things like making your damage physical instead of stun.

Neither pro nor con: You can take distance strike (street magic) to punch and kick at a slight distance

Dealbreaker: If your group has arsenal, and the DM uses the martial arts in there... unarmed combat can easily compete (if not surpass) armed combat.

In either case, since your character took so much throwing just to be able to have an improvised weapon on hands at all times, it seems a shame to have his melee capabilities dependent on a sword. You're still probably way better off just focusing on throwing, and using that even to attack in melee combat (which adds a penalty, but its better than mastering two things). Then, pick up "dodge" instead of either swords or unarmed combat for your defense rolls.

Just my 2-cents.
Don't listen to your friend (even though it isn't necessarily bad advice). Go for what you want to play.
There's always the Close Combat Group option. Swords, Clubs, and Unarmed. This way you won't be caught without a weapon, but can still stick to swords, if that's your preference. Or you can just pick up a rudimentary skill in Unarmed(1 or 2, or with a specialization), for just-in-case moments, but concentrate more on the throwing/swords if that's your preference.

Though of course, in the end, yes, go for what fits the character best.
if you do not want to be unarmed but do some good damage, consider the option of using some ware to get up your unarmed combat damage, like bone-stuff or muscles or suprathoid gland or maybe orthoskin with electroshock stuff in it . . else, consider doing an wolverine and pop some claws into him . . opens up the option of getting them changed out for weapon foci or stacked weapon/something else focus . .
but yes, first should allways be what YOU want to play . . only other person who should have a say is the GM, because some concepts can just too fast frag up most plots . .
We do have the arsenal book, only problem with playing what i like is I like the monk type character and the throw type character. Thast why i was looking for pros and cons of both characters
The thrower and the monk
Then why don't you play a monk that throws things?
I was thinking about that, just havent seen if i can make him like i want and still be able to fulfill my job as the ninja type person. With stealth and all that.
My group has 3 people, a face a hacker and then me the combat/stealth Occasional visits from a mage but nothing that we can count on
Missile Mastery has always been on of my favorite powers. Check with your GM, but I believe it can also be combined with Nerve Strike for a paralyzing ranged attack with toothpicks. From the look of your group, you're the only dedicated "combat" person so I would suggest not spreading yourself too thin through your combat abilities. Pick something to be good at and stick with it. Pick up other stuff as a "just in case" thing (like Unarmed Combat at 2 with a defense specialty).
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