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Full Version: Weapon Focus + Unarmed combat
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Quick question
Is there anyway to get a weapon focus but still use unarmed combat and damage, such as brass knuckles or something along those lines. Where i can get the bonus of a weapon focus and still get the bonus from Critical strike and martial arts
Hardliner gloves, brass knuckles and the like can certainly be enchanted as Weapon Foci. You could even enchant your cyberarm as a Weapon Focus, if you do so before implantation.
switchable modular cyber-hand replacement made into weapon focus

Edit: DAMN YOU OLD COOKIE! you're fast for your age <.< . .
About time I got in first. Lately, I have been tempted to think that I was cursed. biggrin.gif
"Old cookie?"
I believe he's referring to a Browser Cookie which is out of date. When the thread shows that no other posts have been made, but the cookie is actually out of date because someone has already posted.
I've been called worse.

Much worse! biggrin.gif
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