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I was describing the world to my gf today. Before she met me, she watched Disney and Nickelodeon almost exclusively. I have been introducing her to some real stuff, and now she loves Heroes, House, Monk, and a lot more variety.

Well, I finaly have a crew of people to play Shadowrun with. It's been 4 years! AHHHHHHHHHH! I can't wait. I had asked her if there were any characters in any tv shows or what not that she has liked so I could make a character similar. That way she has a little base to go on. Then it hit me. I was describing magic, because she wanted to be able to heal people like the cheerleader in Heroes. I told her it wasn't that easy.

But! The show Kyle XY is perfect. He's a mystic adept 100%. He can wall climb, catfall, increased reflexes, 3d memory. He has telekinesis, electrical powers, a healing power. But he suffers drain from using it. His nose will bleed, or he has even passed out.

Has anyone else seen it? It seems like the perfect example of a mystic adpet. While I would say he's a bit more powerful then your average one, and a bit smarter, he wouldn't be out of the realm of creation.

What do you guys think?
I haven't even heard of this show.
QUOTE (Fortune @ Dec 16 2008, 08:55 PM) *
I haven't even heard of this show.

Kyle XY is a Vancouver-filmed American television series airing on ABC Family (The bastard spawn of Walt Disney, Haim Saban, and Pat Robertson).

Essentially, Einstein eventually came to the conclusion that one could artificially increase human intelligence by extending gestation time. To this end, he and several of his contemporaries formed a secret society called Latnok. Their efforts had mixed results. The original experiments never got passed animal trials due to the extreme danger inherent in preventing a full-term fetus from being born. Einstein's successors, however, were substantially less ethical. All of the women died, as did most of the children, but at least one child survived a thirteen month gestation and was born with both enhanced intelligence and limited psychic powers. That man, Adam Baylin, took Latnok's work a step farther by creating a method of artificial gestation, thus removing the limits of the mother's body from the process. He founded a small research company called Zzyzx, which served as a cover for his experiments. His single success is a clone of himself, subject 781227 XY. 781227 gestates in an oxygen rich nutrient bath for a full 16 years, during which time Zzyzx developed neurological interfaces that allowed them to use his enhanced brain as a processing unit far more powerful than the computers of the day, given them an edge in the research field and allowing them to make a great deal of money.

The show begins shortly after the guys in charge overthrow Baylin, who had been steadily loosing control of his own company, and attempt to terminate 781227 XY due to the fact that has apparently developed a will of his own and turned against his masters. But one of Baylin's agents, a man named Foss, kills the scientist assigned to the disposal and rescues the teenage clone, who gets away from him and wanders around town naked for some time before being detained by police.

Him being mute (he was literally just born yesterday, and thus hasn't learned to talk yet) and amnesiac (his memories from before his recent birth consist entirely of binary data that he doesn't know how to access), the authorities are rightly concerned for his safety and his mental health. They call in a psychiatrist named Nicole Trager to evaluate him. She notices that, in spite of his apparent developmental difficulties, he is highly intelligent and in a fit of altruistic stupidity mixed with reckless curiosity volunteers to care for him in her home and gives him the name Kyle.

Kyle learns to speak in record time, and attempts to both live a normal life with his new family and learn the truth about his origins all the while caught in a byzantine web of corporate greed and secret society politics and the fallout from a thirty-year-old love triangle.

Being a family show, they skimp on the corporate hit teams and assassinations. While Foss kills a great many people who do all deserve it, he is presented as a dark anti-heroic character. Kyle and his adopted family, on the other hand, avoid killing even when it is unreasonable to do so (and they don't engage in direct violence very often at all). A great deal of time is spend on Kyle's emotional development and his relationships, as well as the relationships of those close to him, instead of on action.

He naturally has superior reflexes, senses, balance, and coordination, allowing him to easily best an untrained human in unarmed combat, as well as accomplish some impressive athletic feats. Over time, he also develops various powers, including several forms of telekenesis, and learns to use his improved brain function to enhance his memory.
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