It's been awhile since I submitted a character to be torn apart by the dump shockers. It's been a while since I played a magician, so lets see if I'm going things right. The character is a fox shifter who is part of a private investigation group

Using karma creation system, house rules are: metatypes/racial options cost BP value in karma, free knowledge points as BP system, free contact points equal to 3*charisma

Species: Fox Shapeshifter(50 Karma)

Talent: Magician-Shinto(30 Karma)

Mentor Spirit: Moon Maiden(10 Karma)


Body 5(42 Karma)
Agility 5(36 Karma)
Reaction 5(36 Karma)
Strength 3(15 Karma)
Charisma 5(42 Karma)
Intuition 6(54 Karma)
Logic 4(27 Karma)
Willpower 5(42 Karma)

Edge 5(42 Karma)
Magic 6(60 Karma)

Negative Qualities:
Mild Pyrophobia(Fear of fire)(+20 Karma)
Mild Cynophobia(Fear of dogs)(+10 Karma)
Spirit Bane(Fire Spirits)(+20 Karma)
Distinctive Style(Shapeshifter)
Thrill Seeker(+10 Karma)
Mild Alchohol Addiction(+10 Karma)

Active Skills:

Athletics Group 2(20 Karma)
Influence Group 2(20 Karma)
Stealth Group 2(20 Karma)
Sorcery Group 4(55 Karma)
Outdoors Group 1(10 Karma)

Summoning 5(32 Karma)
Binding 5(32 Karma)
Perception<Scent> 4(+2)(24 Karma)
Pistols<Semi-Automatic> 2(+2)(10 Karma)
Unarmed Combat 2(8 Karma)
Assensing<Metahuman Auras> 4(+2)(24 Karma)
Escape Artist 1(4 Karma)
Dodge<Ranged Combat> 2(+2)(10 Karma)

Knowledge/Language Skills(30 Free Points)
Japanese N
English 5
Chinese 3
Korean 3
Japanese Mythology 4
Seattle Yakuza Operations 3
Japanese Anime 2
Seattle Safe Houses 3
Psychology 3
Pacific North West Animals 2

Spells(Total 40 Karma)

Trid Phantasm
Physical Mask
Improved Invisibility
Increased Reflexes
Mana Bore(Home brewed, allows passage through mana barriers)

Bound Foci:

Force 3 Health Sustaining(6 Karma)

Contacts(15 Free Points):

Fixer(Loy 2, Inf 3)
Shinto Tailsmonger(Loy 2, Inf 3)
Yakuza Wakagashira(Loy 3, Inf 2)

Gear(19 Karma, 47500 Nuyen Total)

Force 3 Health Sustaining Focus
Force 6 Magical Lodge
Force 5 Spirit Binding Materialsx2
Shock Glovex2
Ares Predator w/Silence, Concealable Holster, and 3 spare clips
60 Heavy Pistol Bullets
60 Heavy Pistol Gel Rounds
1 Flash-Bang
1 Thermal Smoke Grenade
Lined Coat
Full SecureTech PPP System
CMT Clip w/Vector Xim & Subvocal Microphone
Tag Eraser
Rating 3 Fake SIN
Rating 3 Concealed Carry License
Glasses w/Image Link, Smartlink, Low-Light Vision
Rating 6 Autopicker
2 Months Squatter Lifestyle