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Full Version: Street Magic:Spirit Allies and Spirit Powers
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These is nothing in the errata about this so...

Street Magic.
Step 3: Choose Powers...
...Each also receives one additional power per point of Force, chosen from any powers available to spirits the initiate may conjure.

So the additional powers gained through the Force of the spirit are limited to what is available to spirits of your tradition.

The initiate may give the ally extra powers available to spirits his tradition can conjure at a cost of 5 Karma each.

Does this have the same restriction?

If they had the same restriction, I would expected the limitation would of had it's own sentence at the end of the paragraph.

I am under the impression that an Ally Spirit could have a formula that gives it (for example) Astral Gateway, Regeneration, Endowment and Energy Drain...

What is the actual restriction with powers on Ally Spirits?

How can the New Spirit Powers in Street Magic be allocated since none of them have information of which spirits they could be optional powers for.

As far as I could see, only Divining and Magical Guard is actually used.
To answer your questions:

1) The additional powers are also limited by what the tradition can summon. If you cannot summon a spirit with Elemental Aura, your ally can't have it either.

2) The powers you mention are either not of a type a PC can summon, or they're not a power you can summon a spirit with. You can Invoke a spirit to gain those powers, but you cannot actually summon one with them.

3) Most of the new spirit powers are for the Magical Threats, not for PC-summonable spirits. Energy Drain, in particular, leads to the Bloodzilla infinite loop, so it's best left out of the hands of normal characters.
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