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Full Version: Hockey in the 6th World
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So just made a character for some online play and gave him a Knowledge skill in 6th World Hockey. Then it occured to me that I have no idea what Hockey is like in the 6th World.

Anybody have a clue or can I just make stuff up?
Mr. Man
One of my characters would make a great pro hockey player if he ever wanted to take the pay cut (or the day job flaw). On the rare occasion that this particular skill has come up our group has just assumed that hockey isn't played any differently in the 6th world.

I imagine the teams and leagues would have to be different, but we've never really gotten into it.
The problem is not the rules, its the races and the cyberware/bioware.

Titanium bone lacing.
Smartpuck technology.
Dermal Sheathing.
Tactical Computers.

Thats what I was thinking. Are there different leagues and such?
I believe there is a section in the Sprawl Survival Guide about sports and hockey is discussed. I'm pretty sure its that book. If i had mine available i'd flip though to find it.
Page 117 of SOTA63 has information on modern sports played in 2063. On page 118 they even have a news article about the Calgary Flames. The NHL still exists and many of the teams still exist as well.
Luke Hardison
Mostly covered in the SSG, p.35-36.
In short, the leagues allow adepts, limited cyberware, and bioware. There is one big league, the INHL (International Hockey League), which includes North America, Europe, Russia, South Africa, and Australia. It mentions that fights are not called off by the reff until one person is unconscious or taps out (like UFC) and external armors are to be allowed for the first time next season.
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