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Full Version: Increase his Walking and Running Rate
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how do calculate the augmentation of his Walking and Running Rate ?

For example, if a character has the celerity quality, a raptor cyberlegs and skimmer discs ?

With a troll for example :
Waking 15 m/turn Running 35 m / turn

15 x 0.5 (celerity) -> 22 m 50 -> 33 m 75 (raptor cyberlegs) -> 67 m 50 (skimmer discs) ?

Thanks for your future help.
Nobody ?
Wouldn't stack - cyberlegs replace your original legs and their muscles, and skimmer discs have you floating off the ground.
I really don't think celerity will stack with raptor cyberlegs or skimmer discs. Having your legs completely replaced seems to cancel out any 'natural running ability'.

Hell, in my mind it is a stretch to even stack raptor cyberlegs with skimmer discs since the skimmer discs cause you to hover, nullifying the 'push off' effect of the raptor cyberlegs.

At best, if the raptor cyberlegs and skimmer discs were allowed to stack, you would move twice as fast (imho).

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don't ghouls get more running?
and if the legs and the skimmers don't stack, what about skates?
Legs and skates are two different forms of movement. You might be able to jump further with raptor cyberlegs and skates, but not move. Ghouls do normal pace, although there is a variant that can run on all fours.

in SR3 they gained a +1 on their running multiplicator.
and the legs let you take longer strides, while the skates mean you don't EVER stop moving . . i would let them stack, as you skate faster the longer your strides with the skates are too . .
and while we're at it, i would let them stack with the hover-feet too . . because they are just too frigging cool ^^
if all else fails, do a barrel roll . . or use spirit movement power
To bring this back to the original question: Do you add all the multipliers together before applying them, or do you apply them one after the other? Using the following example, which of the listed options do most of you prefer:

A Troll changling with base move of 15 has Celerity and Satyr Legs (since both are natural bonuses I don't see why they wouldn't stack; where as the above example with cyber legs and celerity shouldn't in my opinion).

1: 15 x [1+(.5 + .5)] = 15 x 2 = 30 In this example multipliers are combined before being applied.

2. 15 x 1.5 x 1.5 = 22 x 1.5 = 33 In this example each multiplier is applied separately.

Obviously the difference of 3 meters isn't a great difference, but I'm more curious about how most people would calculate it. Personally I know I lean towards #1, but my opinion only matters most at my gaming table.
Cyberskates: These retractable, in-line skates may be installed within a character’s cyberfeet, enabling him to increase his Walking and Running Rate (see Movement, p. 138, SR4) by one half (round down). Cyberskates are compatible with raptor cyberlegs and must be installed in both feet.

The raptor cyberlegs replace only the lower legs, not the entire leg.

The skimmer discs replace the cyberfeet.

The skimmer discs permit to hovering about 10-15 inches above the ground, you need to impulse with your legs to move, no ?

The cyberskates are a accessory for the cyberfeet (take capacity, don't replace the cyberfeet).

I apply them one after the other, Caadium.

Is it possible to have skimmer discs without a cyberfeet ? For example, there are the line skate. The line skate isn't a cyberware material.
Nobody ?
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