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Okay. inspiration for this was started from Kevyn`s post in the Too Hard vs Too Soft GM`s Thread. Perhaps its time for both us GM`s and Players to get around and have a rant about how we`ve each approached bringing new players, wether true newbies or long time roleplayers into the world of ShadowRun and helping them adjust to both the atmosphere and the general play-style that Shadowrun uses.

Ladies and Gentlemen. Chummers all. The Floor Is Yours......
Okay boys and girls, and MetaHumans everywhere. Oh and Hi Hestaby if your watching. To same clicking time i`ve copied Kevyn`s post to here.

As Follows>>>>>

<< From Too hard vs Too Soft GM`s>><<Posted by Kevyn668>>

I like the idea of this thread. I recently tried my hand at GMing...with mixed results. The players liked what we were doing but I think it was because we're all friends and hve been PRGing for years.

That said, I often have to "rekindle" thier desire to play SR. Interest has fizzeled once already, which I accept only 90% of the responsibility for. The main complaits were

the Novacoke addicted Decker: "I don't get enough Matrix time"
The other players: "you get too much as it is"
I'm not good w/ the Matrix rules but I figured betweent the two us we could manage. Unfortunately, he doesn't like to do his homework so its like I have play Teacher too "did you do your reading?"
I've since asked him to make a different character.

and "What do you mean there are penalties for using Novacoke?"
He wanted a drug addicted character, so I let him have one

AND "Why did you shot me? I only have a pistol"
Me: "You just killed the Gang Boss" I was actully planning on the gang turning tail after that round b/c thier boss got cacked but there was one ganger left that had an action so I figured it was like a "Oh my God! You killed Kenny!! You bastards!!" sort of situation.

The GunBunny: "Every time we kill someone you send the cops after us"
Me: "You shot the StufferShack girl"

I try to throw alot of combat at them b/c that whats they seem to like the best. Everytime i try to get into char development, it gets derailed.

The Sam is actually the best roleplayer. He said he didnt want any contacts at Char Gen. And consistanly is antisocial.

Am I handling this wrong?

I'm the only one that has books but I've made copies of the combat section for them and offered to loan them out at any time but the only one that takes me up on that offer is the decker and he never bothered to read up on his chosen field. It kinda pissed me off.

When you bring patience and the newbie brings his interest and enthusiasm, things should work out fine.
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