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Full Version: Character critique for Mystic Adept Face/Covert Ops
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Wendy Wu
Character Info:
Mystic Adept Face/Covert Ops
Human Female age: 22 Filipina Dark Brown hair and eyes, short, stacked, slim, beautiful but intimidating.
Lifestyle: High
Backstory: Wendy spent her childhood on a rice farm in the Filipeans, until pirates raided her land, killing the elders and selling her and her younger family into slavery when she was 12. Years later, she was purchased and trained by a shadowrun warrior who detected magical aptitude in her. New to the shadows, Wendy figures she can turn her new talents into the right connections and money to gain international fame.

Attributes: 170 pts + Magic: 50 pts = 220 pts
Bod Agi Str Rea Int Log Cha Wil Edg Mag Ess Init/IP
2 3 2 2 4 1 5 3 4 6/+2 6 7/1

Skills: 130 pts
Phys: Mag: Kno: Lang:
Influence group : 3(Cha) Spellcasting: 4(Mag) Fashion: 3 Eng: N
Artisan/Actress: 3/4(Int) Counterspell: 2(Mag) Acting: 3 Chi: 1
Palming: 3(Int) Conjuring: 1(Mag) Spy Movies: 3 Jap: 1
Perception: 3(Int) Scrumpin: 2 Corp: 1
Escape Artist: 3(Agi)
Shadowing: 1(Int)
Assensing: 2(Int)
Intimidation: 1(Cha)
Infiltration: 1(Agi)

Spells: 12 pts Type: Range: Duration: Drain Value:
Resist Pain P(H) T P F
Increase Cha: P(H) T P F/2-4 (1) F=3
Increase Relex: P(H) T S F/2+2 (3) F=3
Chaotic World: P(M) LOS S F/2+3 (4) F=3
Influence M(M) LOS P F/2+2 (3) F=3
Alter Memory M(M) LOS P F/2+3 (4) F=3

Adept Powers: @ 3 Pwr. Pts
Enthralling Performance: Artisan + Mag test = threshold to break away from performance
Commanding Voice: Leadership + Cha test vs. Wil + Leadership to resist suggestion
Kinesics: Rtg.x = +x to social skills
Cool Resolve: +1 when defending in a social test
Adept power that aids escape artist
Adept power that adds to escape artist linked attribute

Gear: 24 pts
Force 2 Power Foci: 50,000
Force 4 Sustaining Foci: 60,000
Necessary Fetishes: >5,000
Form Fitting Armor: >5,000
Some unique Armor for covert ops: >5,000
Gecko gloves: >5,000
Escape artist tools: negligible

Qualities: 0 pts
Local Fame: 5
Positive Qualities: 30
Focused Concentration + 10
Mystic Adept +15
Perception +10
Negative Qualities: -35
Distinctive Style - 5
Traumatic Background (Slave) - 10
Vindictive - 10
Liar - 10

Mutagenic SURGE quality: 10 pts
Positive SURGE: 20 pts
Whatever gives a +3 to all social tests except intimidation
Whatever gives a +2 to intimidation
Negative SURGE: 10

Contacts: 8 pts
Name: Coin - Type: Ninja - Age: 55 - Meta: Human Chinese Male - C/L: N/A
Name: Officer Farve - Type: Lonestar Deputy - Age: 31 - Meta: Orcish Canadian Male - C/L: 1/1
Name: Silky Bidness - Type: Pimp/Drug Trafficker - Age: 27 - Meta: Troll African Male - C/L: 1/1
Name: GoGo Bananas - Type: Talismonger - Age: 24 - Meta: Elven Filipina Female - C/L: 1/1
Name: PacZman xDeAtHpUnChx - Type: Combat Hacker - Age: 29 - Meta: Dwarven Asian Male - C/L: 1/1
Name: Rock - Type: Fixer

Currently stands at 408 pts…

I don't have access to sourcebooks at my home, so this is by memory. I prolly have several errors that will be fixed before this character is introduced to the shadows. My current character is the Shadowrunner (Coin) who is training her in the art. I'm going for a rogue build, and Wendy Wu is going to be used as the distraction, possibly even getting arrested, hence escape artist skills/augs. Comments?
QUOTE (jimbojmfb @ Dec 20 2008, 10:41 PM) *
Whatever gives a +3 to all social tests except intimidation
Whatever gives a +2 to intimidation

It's not RAW put i would say that character can't have both Glamour and Nasty Vibe, what with the first giving the character a kind of "angelic" aura and the second a "demonic" one.
The formatting is very messed up on that sheet. It would be a lot easier to read if everything was in a single column.

Overall thoughts:

Forget Increased Charisma. It has to be cast at a Force equal to the Attribute being affected, which means it would need to be cast at Force: 5, which means you would be resisting physical Drain. In fact, overall your mage abilities are so weak that they won't be very effective. For spells like influence, rolling 7 dice for a Force: 3 spell won't be very effective at all - even for ordinary security guards, you won't succeed reliably. In my opinion, the build would be more effective as a pure mage or pure adept.

Liar is a horrible, crippling, poorly-written flaw, especially for a character who has anything invested in social skills or contacts. I wouldn't take it.

Escape artist is a nice skill, and useful in a pinch, but it won't let you get away after you've been arrested. There will be a locked cell door, guards, etc. And that's assuming they don't keep you in a mage mask or doped up to the gills when they learn that your character is awakened.

There is no Traumatic Background negative quality.

Gecko tape gloves only cost 250 nuyen.gif

The two SURGE qualities that you are thinking about are Glamour and Nasty Vibe. There is nothing explicitly saying they can't be combined, but they really don't make sense together. You radiate sweetness and light, but radiate evil vibes at the same time? This is something that most GMs would probably disapprove of.
Attributes: 170 pts + Magic: 50 pts = 220 pts
Bod 2
Agi 3
Str 2
Rea 2
Cha 5
Int 4
Log 1
Wil 3
Edg 4
Mag 6 / +2
Ess 6
Init/IP 7/1
->This attribute setup excludes you from combat. If the char was trained by a warrior, this is odd. "No combat" might be perfect or a problem, depending on the campaign.

Skills: 130 pts
->A believeable skillset, but unfortunately not one that is easily used on a run. Could be fixed by playing with the list of spells.

Spells: 12 pts
-> Resist Pain is for combat mages, Increase Reflexes for any mage that can deal in combat. Increase Cha is good, but not worthy of the focus. You are missing out on the mainstays: Manabolt/Levitate/Invisibility/Physical Mask...

Adept Powers:
-> Echo Glyph: choose to be a pure mage or adept, or fail at both parts. Mystical adepts are not really viable within 400 BP.

Gear: 24 pts
-> Ditch both foci. The Power Focus is an expensive, yet not very efficient stand-in for higher natural magic, the sustaining focus is not put to good use by your spell list. You could specialise in Illusion magic and use the sustaining focus for that.

Qualities: 0 pts
-> You´ll have to rework these. IIRC, the SURGE quality itself has to fit into the 35BP limit.

Contacts: 8 pts
-> Good number, but you want to increase the ratings a bit. Good contacts are somewhat reliable and (even more important) can get things done.
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