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Full Version: How many conections can a datajack have?
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What it says on the tin. I'm thinking out my rigger hacker type and I was wondering if i would need one datajack per connection or if i could run more that one connection per jack.
One connection. It's a socket for one data cable plug. Want more, youn need more. I recommend making a cyber suite out of them and call it x-way datajack (x=number of datajacks) or something, for saing some essence.
depends, if its a physical connection its not clearly stated anywhere, but if its wireless it can be any number...

for practical reasons i would say "unlimited" for cabled ones as well, as long as things stay "reasonable" (no manual phone switch board from a 2x2mm area in someones head).
You could just hook the datajack up to a hub(either wired or wireless) and allow it to split up it's connections. As long as you aren't going over the devices subscription limit there shouldn't be a problem.
A wireless datajack is the most senseless piece of cyberware ever.
jack in an wireless enabled comlink and jack it out when you're done . .
For my Sasha i assumed its one cable per jack and got her two for akimbo guns cyber.gif
My main character's conversion has 4 datajacks too, one plug each.

jack in an wireless enabled comlink and jack it out when you're done . .

Yes. And if the datajack is wireless enabled, what exactly do you gain? 0,2 essence less, 500 nuyen less. Nothing functional. You could just run the commlink wirelessly or via skin link. Skin link would be much safer than a wireless connection to a datajack, actually.
In SR3 a datajack has two dedicated connections, one to brain and one physical jack, it then has three spare connections that can be linked to internal 'ware. A Router and a couple of jacks was a quick hub to external and headware.
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