Here's an informant I've came up with in my campaign.

Lady Vixen [Club Owner - The Dungeon]
Vixen runs an underground exotic S&M/sex club for the very wealthy. Based in Downtown somewhere at a private venue, Vixen is the first person all patrons see upon entering (as she assenses them).
For purposes of assensing auras, assume she has can pierce any aura that is not shielded by an initiate of rating 5 or higher. She has access to LOTS of Detection and Illusion spells and some Manipulation spells - but rarely uses them.

The Dungeon pride's itself on its discretion. The main entry to the club is reachable only on the Matrix. Once a person is a regular in the Matrix scene and is validated by an existing member or via interview with Vixen, they gain admittance to the 'real' Dungeon. Memberships are not cheap, costing 200 nuyen a month. However The Dungeon promises to cater to anyone's needs - no matter how bizarre. People can have relations with shapeshifters, sasquatches, mages, in highly sculpted VR/AR environments, drugs, BTLs - heck, even spirits are rumored to frequent this place to get a taste of metahumanity. Metahuman members that join are typically bored executives or the wealthy that are so jaded they keep looking for the next thrill and keep pushing the envelope.

Many client's speculate as to her background. Some rumer she is a shapeshifter. Others say she's a changeling or drake. Others hint she's a free spirit or just a very talented metahuman. Nobody knows (GMs should decide what she is). She always wears black bondage leather and her face is never revealed. Long red hair always shown under her leather cowl. Her outwardly appearance always changes and aura is always masked - she could be a dwarf one day, an elf the next.

She is always friendly but protective of her business, clientele and reputation. PCs can expect to encounter almost any metatype or species of bipedal supernatural critter her having 'relations' with metahumans. Vixen does not allow Infected, Invae or other magical threats into the premises - hence the reason she constantly watches who joints. Vixen herself never gets involved with clients, but definitely takes an interest in their tastes and interests. As such she can be a powerful contact to have. PCs can also expect to encounter almost any number of wealth, powerful, influential metahumans here - many of which would prefer not to be recognised.

Club security is tight. Assume she has several powerful spirits at her command and pays an organised crime outfit for additional protection (Triads most likely).

Roleplaying Hints:
Vixen is definitely a voyeur and not a participant. She gets off on watching. She knows absolutely everyone that steps through their doors, to what their tastes are, whom they've been with and can recall this information with an almost photographic memory. She is polite, courteous but flirtatious and tempting. Assuming they aren't a threat to her members, she delights in new members and welcomes people to indulge in their deepest darkest fantasies. As such she is an absolute fountain of information on the underbelly of Seattle (or your city of choice).



- J.