Hi there

I am playing around with a concept for an NPC.

I was toying with a rigger based technomancer but in the end I'm wondering if a fully cybered human would do the job?

Basically I had a concept for an androgynous, mask wearing runner. Background is that of an engineer with the UCAS Army Corp of Engineers with a start in Electrical/Civil Engineering, moved to Weapons R&D, then Nuclear Weaponry. This person would be an absolute guru with anything that involves B/R and sciences. I want an NPC with access to milspec gear/equipment and is smart enough to find or develop a technological answer to any problem they encounter (including magical threats/issues - even if it means FAB Strain III). This NPC would also have strong leadership/tactical skills (some field experience) in leading small teams of specialists (i.e. other runners).

Said runner would be involved in bank heists and planning/staging his/her own runs against specific targets (for what purpose not yet decided - most likely vengeance against megacorps). The loose concept I was entertaining was someone who used to work for Ares until hung out to dry, caught by MCT and tortured/interrogated/experimented with technomancer capabilities.

I thought this NPC would make an ideal protagonist for runs where another team was due to hit the same site as the PCs, or alternatively a reoccuring villain.

Anyone got any thoughts/advice?

- J.