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Full Version: Adepts and hacking
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In Unwired, it says that spells don't work on the matrix, but magic-based effects like adept powers that only affect the user seem to work just fine.

I've made up such a magic-based hacker. Jack Brown is a freelance security expert. At night, he likes to make a little extra by running the shadows as Brownout.

Name: Jack Brown
Alias: Brownout
Race: Human

B 3
A 3
R 3
S 2
C 3
I 4
L 5
W 4
E 2
M 5

Init 7
IP 1

Allergy to Lactose (Uncommon, Moderate)
Natural Hardening
Sensitive System
SINner (Normal)

Cracking Group 4
Electronics Group 4
Pistols (Revolver) 2 (4)
Etiquette (Matrix) 2 (4)
Locksmith 4
Infiltration 4
Unarmed Combat 3
Assensing 3

English N
Japanese 4

Knowledge Skills:
(Area Knowledge) Seattle Matrix 4
(Interest) Pirate Trid Broadcasters 4
(Sixth World) Security Systems 4
(Sixth World) Data Havens 4
(Sixth World) B&E Techniques 4
(Sixth World) Magical Security 3

Roscoe (Fixer) L3 C5
Silver Tongue (AI who has links to Hacker House. Jack saved Silver's life from an anti-AI hacker group, and Silver has never forgotten the debt.) L5 C4

Adept Powers:
Improved Ability [Hardware] 2
Improved Ability [Computer] 2
Improved Ability [Software] 2
Improved Reflexes 1
Astral Perception

Transys Avalon with Novatech Navi with Firewall upgraded to Rating 4
All Programs at Rating 4

Rating 4 Fake SIN as "John Smith, unemployed freelance security consultant" (UCAS Citizen)
Rating 4 Fake Licences for Pistol, Passkey, Autopicker and Concealed Carry
Rating 4 Fake Driver's Licence
Electronics Toolkit and Shop
Rating 4 Maglock Passkey
Rating 4 Keypad Sequencer
Rating 4 Autopicker
Glasses with Image Link, headphones, subvocal microphone and Trode Set
Sim Module modified for BTL/Hot Sim

Cavalier Deputy (Jack's main piece, and the one he goes for first in a firefight)
Colt Asp (Jack's ace in the hole)


Type: Middle
Comforts 3
Entertainment 3
Necessities 3
Neighbourhood 3
Security 3

Green Plan
Rough Neighbourhood
I like it, if only for the fact I can see him mumbling "Check out the getaway sticks on that dame." with whiskey in hand, his office mysteriously monochrome.
Other decent Adept powers...
Multi-tasking! (spam zone immunity... great power for a hacking adept, no penalty for splitting your attention between say the real world and the matrix at the same time).
Eidetic sense memory also... what was that password again? or what did I see in that file before the data bomb exploded in my face?.

The Jake
I really like that build too.

- J.
It's 400 BP, so you can use him in most campaigns. Just add GM permission!
What is the Improved Ability: Electronics supposed to be? Another skill from the Electronics Skill Group? Hardware, maybe? Just curious. I'd go with Hacking personally, but that's just because it makes the most sense. You'd also be better served if you took a hit to magic and got some ware in him. My hacker-adept has some (like a simsense booster) and he melts faces.
Please keep in mind that he's based partially on my experiences with computers. biggrin.gif
I just want to add that Street Magic, pg. 23, agrees with Unwired (namely, that Improved Ability, which affects the adept rather than his surroundings, is effective in VR).
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